Song Fang has a big chest and thin waist,Not tall and well proportioned,The type of woman that men like。If it wasn’t for her divorce twice,Xia Jian was wary of her,This woman might become his Xia Jian’s woman。

Xia Jian knew,Song Fang has a deep love for him,But the love in her heart,It’s not the kind of love that stays together,But passion,or*such as。In general,She doesn’t expect Xia Jian to marry her。At this point,Xia Jian knew。But he can’t do this。
I want to,When Song Fang and Xia Jian were working together,Song Fang is already interesting to him,But Xia Jian pretended not to understand,Until later,Song Fang was angry,And Chen Erniu had some scandal。
She marrying Chen Erniu is a kind of revenge against Xia Jian,But Song Fang miscalculated,Xia Jian doesn’t care who she marries。So this marriage between her and Chen Erniu was short-lived。
after that,Wang Youfa wanted to frame Xia Jian,I didn’t expect Song Fang to actually do a fake show,Let her and Xia Jian have that night,after that,They still have something to do。But Xia Jian always feels so awkward to sleep in the same bed with Song Fang,But Song Fang doesn’t think so。
In her heart,Can bed with Xia Jian,It can be regarded as a kind of conquest of Xia Jian by her。Looking at the whole Xiping Village,Even the entire town of Pingyang,The man who can show her Song Fang,Xia Jian is the only one。
The wine is finished,Song Fang is a little drunk,In her eyes looking at Xia Jian,Filled with that desire look。
First1491chapter Danger
The thing that worries Xia Jian the most has finally happened。
Song Fang shook her body,Pink face with a little rosy,She scolded inexplicably:“Xia Jian!Your mother is a scumbag。I, Song Fang, have a soft spot for you,But you?Shrinking,Are you afraid that I will eat you?I am not afraid as a woman,What are you afraid of?“
“All right!I’m not a man, alright!You drank too much“Xia Jian stood up,Took a cup of tea。
Song Fang raised his arm,The tea cup in Xia Jian’s hand flew out,Fell to the ground and fell to pieces。Xia Jian is no longer worried,He really wants to slap Song Fang twice。But he didn’t do that,A normal person,How can I compare it with someone who is drunk??It’s a big deal to pay someone a cup“
“Xia Jian!Someone gave you a son,Then let me give you a daughter!is it good!”Song Fang roared loudly。
Xia Jian has a look,It must be a bad thing,He has to think of a way to shut up Song Fang。How to do?Xia Jian and Song Fang couldn’t be hard at all,So he smiled and said:“it is good!I promise you,Let’s have a daughter,But I can’t let others know about this”
Song Fangyi listened,Smile with joy。But she suddenly became quiet,The whole person leaned on the back of the chair,Head drooping,The two balls on his chest are shaking up and down,Looks extremely indecent。

But this chaotic world surprised him a bit。

initial,He found a true god who wandered in chaos。
As cruel as him,I want to kill him directly,But the other party escaped。
After that, he chased this true god all the way,But didn’t see it。
Although at first he saved some water deliberately,Playful mind,Didn’t use all my strength。But in the end the strength of the opponent,And the means of escape also surprised him slightly。
In his eyes,The strength of that true god is comparable to some ordinary ancestor gods。
If only one,He won’t be too surprised。
But this chaotic world came out of an ancestor god and three true gods came out of the chaotic world to intercept him。
One flame true god strikes with all strength,Can actually compete with him barely one or two。
And then there was a real god of space,Not to mention reaching the ancestral god level in attack and killing,Twistable Void、Means of lurking in the void,Easily suppressed one of his ancestors。
The remaining one—Presumably not easy。
“Three true gods with strength comparable to the ancestral gods,It seems that this chaotic world is not simple,There may be remnants of ancestors, gods, ancestors, and even the world!”Although facing at least three enemies comparable to the ancestral gods,But Luo Hui is not afraid,On the contrary!
Chapter Eighteen Luo Huzhiwei
In chaos,Six arms,Luo Hu, who is like a demon, holds six magic weapons,With Nuwa,Sui Renshi、The Sanqing Taoists are facing each other。
Nuwa’s original idea of turning into a snake’s tail,A little bit of aura levitation。

immediately,Others moved。

Like a quiet wind blowing。
Beyond the Cotai Boat,Immortals and Exterminators will fight for life and death in Yasha。
From the battlefield,The Demon Slayer Club Yasha seems to have the upper hand,The body of Yasha has amazing defenses,The limbs and arms are powerful and flexible enough。
And the Master of Exterminating Demons is to understand the way of the void,The attack moves are very safe。Defense with arms,Fight with arms,Completely suppress the rugged fairy。
But in fact,The rugged fairy,After all, he is a long-range attack,And there are strong people behind。
Although the Lord of Exterminating Demons is desperate,But for a while, it won’t be a rugged fairy,At the same time, I am more afraid of other enemies on the golden flying boat。
suddenly,A black wind appeared between the two fighting,A figure emerges in the black wind。The rugged fairy looks overjoyed,Back quickly。
The master,But instinctively feel an uncontrollable sense of fear。
But his anger,Completely suppressed this fear!
Combine your limbs and arms,Power to destroy a mountain,Bombarded in the black wind silhouette,But like a mud cow into the sea。
“Good strength!”The figure hidden in the black wind stretched out his right arm,Snapped。
The seemingly powerless black wind swept through,The huge body of the candle dragon has no backhand power,Suppressed by this backhand。

Everyone in the hall also reacted differently,Everyone in the Zhang family’s already nervous nerves were once again strained,Has reached the point where it may break at any time。

But the rough-clothed men in the outermost periphery have different expressions.,Some stand still,Some attentively observe,Some have quietly taken out their weapons,Whether it is a saber or a long sword,Looks rusty,But occasionally it flows smoothly,Will make people suddenly aware of the murderous and dangerous weapons。
These so-called guys,Actually all of them are old and not decent,They have lived for two hundred years‘Tianzhenwei’,Practicing the extremely superficial Shinto method taught by Jia Chou,Everyone has magical powers,And lifespan grows,Only limited to qualifications,Few people go to a higher level,But even so,Any one of them would be shocked if they walked the world。
Zhang Zhiqiang, who was hiding on the top floor, suddenly planned to sneak away.,Before coming,His purpose is the secret treasure of the fairy family in the Wuming Mountain,But I never thought that there are so many magicians in this place,And every strength is above him,I thought that only a few people like him and Li Tianzhen in this world knew how to cultivate,Relying on the magical powers and the records in Zhang’s notes,No matter how you can open the seal formation,Avoid danger,But I didn’t expect to encounter such a scene。
Facing a strong breath,Zhang Zhiqiang knows,If you are careless, you will die without a burial place,Especially those two old monsters,The cultivation base is so powerful,Seems to have noticed his existence,There is not necessarily a definite result than fighting hard,It’s better to hide in the mountains and practice,Wait until the magical powers of the magical way become complete。
“There are ancient monsters,How can there be an ancient monster here?”The two-headed wolf demon finally took a sigh of relief,Recalling the horrible experience just now, I felt a little panic,This remark,The hall is even more shocked,Such a powerful old monster is so flustered,You can see how terrifying this ancient monster beast is,And Zhang Baogen, who was on the octagonal stone platform, couldn’t help but spout a mouthful of blood,The mental power has been squeezed to the point where the oil lamp is exhausted。
“What monster?Where is the ancient theory?”The white-robed old man suddenly got up,Two-headed wolves have always been fierce and combative,Panic to the point,Must have encountered a rare and powerful enemy,Originally relying on the two of them,Already the most powerful existence in the underground palace,Even the remains of the two silver armored generals are not their opponents,Seems to have firmly controlled the situation,Suddenly came out such a powerful enemy,The form immediately becomes more complex。
“A terrible dragon,Do not,It’s Kylin,Seems to come from the prehistoric world。”
“You go and replace Qingyunzi。”The white-robed old man is also secretly surprised,But I don’t want the two-headed wolf monster to continue to gaffe,Disturb Dao Heart,Now the enemy is waiting,Clear place‘Tianzhenwei’,What kind of ancient monster beast in the dark,Only when more Taoists come out quickly can we turn the crisis into peace。
“I got hurt,Why don’t you go?”The thinking of the two-headed magic wolf immediately became much more normal,To replace Qingyunzi,It takes a lot of energy,The damage to the body of the soul is particularly great,I boasted that Haikou was Fudge Qingyunzi,Anyway, once the seal is opened,,Can’t stop,Qingyunzi died,Just catch another supernatural power and throw it on,Breaking promises to it is like drinking cold water at will。
“How can you say nothing?”White robe old man furious,Grab the opponent and roar,“Time is extremely important to me now,Old man ask you,You and me join forces,Can you deal with that terrible unicorn?”
“I’m not going anyway,Go you go!”Two-headed magic wolf avoids the heavy and light,But the roar is louder,Kind of thankless,It won’t do stupid things that can die at any time。
The two big monsters pinched in public,Everyone in the hall was stunned again,Then they changed their positions invisibly,Almost everyone is in a state of battle。
Originally a very strange、Delicate balance,In order to remove the seal and get the treasure,Zhang family headed by Zhang Baogen,Led by Jing Tailai‘Tianzhenwei’A truce and wait and see,Subsequently,The altar takes the lead,The primordial spirit of the two demons was released,Broke this balance at once。
But the two monsters don’t seem to be in a hurry‘Tianzhenwei’Hands on,I don’t know if it’s the fearful silver armor god man or the missing Li family son,and‘Tianzhenwei’Before we got the exact order,And no further action,Just sitting on the sidelines,So a balance is re-formed,The focus is still on the progress of Zhang Baogen’s unblocking,But Shitai has risen more than two feet in a row,The altar is no more,Obviously there is a problem with the mentality of Zhang Family and the old monster。
Seeing this weird balance will be broken,Suddenly rumbling,The entire underground palace is another huge earthquake,But this time it’s not the octagonal stone platform rising,But an explosive boom from the depths of the northwest corner,Under the dust,That has been covered in dust for many years,A big hole appeared in the tunnel leading to the ground。
Simultaneously,A terrifying roar blasted like thunder in the ears of the two demons,That is the wrath of the Demon Lord,“Two idiots,Go for that mortal!More wordy,No one can go!”
The old monster who was pinching at both ends was shocked,I saw a thick black smoke gushing out of the hole,Then came the boom、boom、Booming rhythmic sound,Although the sound is not loud,But extremely powerful,There seems to be a formation of thousands of troops and horses marching in neat steps。
“The old demon is desperate!”Two-headed magic wolf shouting。

Followed by.13The old lady who went to the hard seat to chat in the lower bunk returned to her bunk accompanied by her family.Quickly put on the quilt and go to sleep.

The carriage has become much quieter.Many passengers have gone to bed in the upper bunk.Li Tianzhen, look at the time it is 8:50 in the evening.The lights will be turned off in more than half an hour.He is going to clean up and take a nap.But at this time.Messy footsteps came from the quiet carriage.Argue.There are as many as five or six people.
quickly.A few people here12Shop No. stopped.Li Tianzhen stretched his head and took a look.Standing in front of the shop is the policeman who had been here not long ago.Holding a fashionable young man in his hand.But the owner of that travel bag.A flight attendant and two young and sturdy boys followed behind them.
[See clearly.Is this your bag?“The police officer looked grim.The tone is also quite harsh.
Hipster youth look at travel bag.Not say a word.
[It’s his.I carried it on the bunk when I got in the car.The car we were in together.Several travelers around have also seen it.“Do not sleep.Scenic13The upper berth interposed enthusiastically on the side.
The policeman turned his head and glanced at the middle-aged man.And shouted at the fashionable youth.[You better be honest.Carry this bag.Follow us.“
Fashionable youth looks up slightly.I happened to see Li Tianzhi.A fierce light flashed in his eyes.Soon returned to normal.Reluctantly raised his arm and took down the travel bag.
[Let’s go.“The police commanded.Then drag the fashionable young man back on his way.Two strong guys followed closely.The flight attendant waved his hands with a few surprised passengers around.[It’s okay.It’s okay.Take a good rest everyone.Night careful.“
[What did the little guy do?“13The upper berth obviously can’t let go of gossip.Caught the conductor in a few steps.
[Not clear yet.Seems to be a net escape.“The conductor is not willing to be wordy.Ignore each other.Quicken the pace and walk away soon.
[Chat“The man returned sadly.I saw that there were still a few curious travelers next door.Immediately came the spirit.I sat down and opened the chatterbox.[Net escape know?Wanted online.Such people are generally habitual offenders.Principal offender.The current network is incredible.Just flee to the horizon.I can also live with you.“
[I didn’t see it.Such a fugitive from the net will appear next to us.“One person chipped in.

But she also has to continue to be fitted.。

“呜呜 呜 呜 轲,How can you be so unhappy??
If you have a three long two short,What should I do?”
Qin Ning cried loudly。
Liang Wei glanced at her coldly.,Looking at Lu Haoheng and Lu Si:“Triple,Let’s talk about one step。”
Lu Haocheng looked at Blue Xin,Don’t want her to worry,“Blue,You are here waiting for us。”
Lan Xin is not too much,She nodded:“it is good!”
immediately,Three people go to the other side。
Qin Ningjing,Some uncomfortable heart。
She looked Lu Haokai,Lu Haokai knows mom’s meaning,He took a few steps forward。
Blue Xin is like a motive of Lu Haokai,She also moved the footsteps,Go to the corner standing,Thus,Can see Lu Haokai in front,You can see Lu Haocheng on the left.。
Lu Haokai,I know that Blue Xin knows what I want to do.。
He left two steps and stopped in the same place.。
Lu Haocheng looked at Liang Wei asked:“Liang Secretary,I want you to know what happened tonight.,My father can’t fall from the stairs without any reason.。”
Liang Wei nodded,A face is dignified:“Continental,I know,But there is a little strange,Chairman is not injured in time,Delayed the condition,I have lost awareness now,Unconscious。”
NS821chapter:Do you think that you can pay?
Lu Sisi:“I am afraid this is not accidental.,Dad decided to recover Lu Haokai’s rights,Their mother and child have lost their status in the company.,People like Qin Ning,It is very likely to make a dog’s urgency。”
Liang Wei nodded,“Previously, the lady stoleted,Chairman’s gas has not been eliminated,I haven’t let my lady return to the company。
But today’s things,I am not present at the time.,Chairman also didn’t get a personnel order,so,Lu Haokai’s location,Still reserved。”
Lu Haoheng kicked the corner of the wall。
His thought,Let Dad know that Lu Haokai did,Just want Lu Haokai to converge,I didn’t think about it, I will harm my father.。
In his heart,His father has always been a strong and powerful person.,Experienced the wind and rain,I have never seen him down.。
When you are young,Is commercial leader,Even now,In the business world,He still has a lightweight position。
Liang Wei Road:“After receiving the phone,I went to the old house in the first time.,Go to the monitoring equipment,Discovering the second floor monitoring equipment is broken。”
Lu Haocheng,“How can it be so clever??”
Liang Wei nodded:“Indeed,so,I first inform you of your brothers and brothers.,The company is now the most important thing,Besides,Is the chairman who can’t stay in this hospital。”
Lu Hao Cheng and Lu Si were instantly understood the meaning of Liang Wei.。
Land:“Uncle Liang,Thank you for these years.,Always loyal to my father。”
Liang Wei smiled:“Your mother is grateful to me.,I have always wanted to guard her company.,Guard your brother and brother,But I can’t do it.。”
Constims,He can do this,She is very grateful.。
“Uncle Liang,Don’t say this,You can insist that it is not easy now.。”
Lu Hao Cheng also said:“Liang Secretary,I will give my father to arrange a private hospital.,I will contact me.,You and your sister will go to talk to the doctor.。”
Liang Wei listened to Lu Haocheng,I feel the main bone in an instant.。
“it is good,Continental,I and Miss, I have been looking for a doctor.。”
What is Lu Si?,Leave Liang Wei。
Lu Hao Cheng took out the phone,Call,Walking towards Blue Xin。

“it is good!very good,Already the second step,Come on!”Xia Jian helped Li Lan,Shouting loudly。Li Lan trembled,Take another step with Xia Jian’s help。Three steps,Four steps。The three people are equally excited。

It takes more than ten steps from the bedroom to the dining table,Although Li Lan was walking very hard,But she clenched her teeth。Sweat on his forehead,It seems she is also fighting。
“mom!you are awesome,It’s been six steps,Just a few more steps”Qin Xiaomin shouted,Li Lan let out a sigh of relief,Face straight,Struggling to move forward with trembling legs。
Li Lan finally walked to the chair,This time she,Already exhausted。She just side,He sat down abruptly,Xia Jian hurriedly helped her,Let her sit upright。
Li Lan asked in surprise:“I just came here by myself?You didn’t help me behind?”Li Lan asked very excitedly。
Xia Jian nodded and replied:“Yes aunt,You go to the end,I secretly let go,you succeeded,congratulations。It seems you won’t be long,You can go back to work”
“I’m so impressed by you Xia Jian,You are my savior”Li Lan said emotionally。
Xia Jian laughed and said:“Auntie is a bit heavy,This is not a lifesaver,Can only be regarded as a cure,In fact, the most important thing is your persistence and hard work”
“All right!Stop being humble,Hurry up and eat!I made today,They are all my good dishes,I promise you will like it”Qin Xiaomin said,Seven or eight dishes were laid out on the table like a trick。
Three people eating delicious meals,Joking,The whole house was suddenly filled with laughter。
At this time,Xia Jian’s phone rang,He took a look,Is the provincial number of a landline。Xia Jian was taken aback,Who could this be?Could it be Ouyang Hong?probably not,Since Ouyang Hong arrived in the provincial capital,Don’t contact him much。Called him on landline,Then only Yao Junli。
Xia Jian hesitated to answer the call,There was a majestic voice on the phone:“Hello there!Are you Xia Jian?Our side is the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Provincial Public Security Bureau“
Xia Jianyi heard that it was from the Criminal Investigation Team,Covered all at once。He didn’t break the law,Could it be that last night’s things are not over yet?Xia Jian said with a nervous air:“I am Xia Jian“
“Someone named Xie Xiaoya wants to see you,Hope you can cooperate with us“The man said seriously。
Xia Jianyi listen,The brain can’t help but buzz。Xie Xiaoya wanted to see her, how could the Provincial Public Security Bureau call her??There is only one possibility,It means Xie Xiaoya has been arrested,It seems she really went in this time。
Why doesn’t she listen to him?Xia Jian slammed a fist at the table。Several empty bowls on the dinner table were shaken and jumped。Li Lan and Qin Xiaomin saw Xia Jian look like this,The color of the face has also changed。
Xia Jian controls his emotions,I slowly calmed my mood,He just said to the phone:“Tell me a place and time,I rushed over“
The man on the phone told Xia Jian where to meet,Time is as fast as possible。Xia Jian hung up the phone,Said with an unhappy face:“I have something to go out,Tomorrow noon is the last treatment,Auntie will exercise the rest,Should recover soon“

The company is just this big now,As the general manager of Great Wall Computer, Wang Zhi does not have an independent office.,The conversation between Chen Geng and Wang Zhi took place in the office area again,natural,The content of their conversation was heard by everyone。

Back when Chen Geng said that he would hire a chef for the big guy’s three meals a day,Everyone who already knows the qualities of Chen Geng, a big capitalist from the United States, is already inexplicably excited.,I all know that I must live a happy life with meat.,The whole body is full of fighting spirit,Wait until Chen Geng said that I will send you extra monthly50When the dollar subsidy,If it’s not in front of the king,,Maybe everyone is going to shout“Long live!”Up:50Bucks,That’s almost equivalent to half of my salary!
If it can really provide additional subsidies50Bucks,The mother-in-law at home should have no complaints, right??After three months,That’s a brand new bike!
“This one……”The embarrassment of Wang Yi’s face,Said with a wry smile:“Mr. Chen,I know you are kind,But this……It’s not in line with the company’s rules……”
Pouring down like a basin of water,The people who eavesdropped on the conversation between their boss and Chen Geng,Instantly。
Just go home,Everyone looked at Wang Zhi’s eyes, but they couldn’t help feeling resentful。
“Does the company have a policy not to grant subsidies to everyone??”Chen Geng will not be fooled by the king,I’m really not familiar with the domestic situation,To these twists and turns in the country,I don’t understand why?
Why did Wang Zhi do his best to oppose this thing that seems to be good for everyone,This actually involves a very important issue:Great Wall Computer Company,Who has the final say?
In terms of shares,Chen Geng Investment200Ten thousand,Take up45%Shares of,Is a second shareholder;
In terms of management rights,As the deputy director of the State Administration of Electronics and Computer Industry, Wang Zhi is also the general manager of Great Wall Computer Co., Ltd. which has not yet been formally established.。
According to the above, some leaders did not say it clearly、But everyone understands the meaning,Just“Mr. Chen Geng is our old friend,This is correct,For Mr. Chen Geng’s outstanding contributions to our reform and opening up,No one can deny,but,Not all projects that Mr. Chen Geng participated in,He is the one who has the final say?”,Chen Geng also understands this,So even though he took a stake in Great Wall Computer Company,But it is better than not requiring the separation of equity and management,But try to respect the authority of the Chinese side。
Wang Zhi, who was sent to Great Wall Computer Company as the general manager,One of the very important、But the unexplainable task is to limit Chen Geng’s presence and influence in the company,Can’t let Great Wall Computer become Chen Geng’s final decision,So although Wang Zhi understands that what Chen Geng said is actually good for everyone,But I have to bite the bullet and express opposition:He really can’t help it。
But now,Wang Zhi was blocked in the corner by Chen Geng:Does the company have a policy not to grant subsidies to big guys??
of course not。
In fact,Even the most important era of equal pay for equal work in previous years,In industry,For overtime work, I need to give some subsidies,Even research industries that lack funding,The management will also find ways to use some physical objects“Mobilize the enthusiasm of comrades”,Now Chen Geng says that comrades work hard,So give everyone some subsidies,It makes sense in theory,And Chen Geng said,He still pays this money,Wang Zhi has no reason to object。

And in the chat group at this time,Crowded。

Flower pity:Hee hee,Sister Yun Yun did this,Too second。
Tony:Thus,Yunlanzong has done enough etiquette。
Shen Ziyao:People like the Xiao family don’t care about the occasion,Just the younger generation,The same goes for the older generation,If it’s not a lucky son,Will eventually become more and more desolate。
Wu Xing:The family has this situation,Means it’s over。Fortunately, the angels are different,We are all united and friendly,Thanks to my wife’s management,It’s hard for her to think about it now。
Watching the group leader’s speech,At first everyone didn’t think there was anything,But what the hell is the last two sentences?Completely blinded their new understanding of the group leader!This show of affection has come to the chat group?
Unexpectedly, you are such a big group leader!
shock!The ninth-order boss of the chat group turned out to be a wife control!!!
but,These members are okay,Nothing is more uncomfortable than Hexi now,It seems to have suffered 10,000 points of critical damage。
I was sprinkled with dog food yesterday,No complaints,I had to run to the chat group and lick the wound silently,But I didn’t expect that after joining the chat group, I still didn’t escape.!
Ok,Hexi is extremely uncomfortable,I have the heart to want to die,of course,If you can die。。。
I saw a group of people sent a bunch of symbols,Hexi even gave a few big exclamation marks,Wu Xing could not help but be inexplicable,He just felt good after seeing the situation of the Xiao family。

Originally planned to be close to Qin Xibei,Unexpectedly, she asked directly about marriage,Just ask,And introduce her brother to herself,Where is this?!

“I think so too,I’ll cause you trouble,correct,You don’t need to arrange security work,I brought someone by myself。”Qin Xibei said with satisfaction。
“Security work,We are ready,By our company’s security director Qin Feng,Sister Xibe, don’t worry。”Jiang Yan thought Qin Xibei was worried about safety,So hurry up
Jiang Yan naturally knows Qin Feng’s strength,It’s not suitable for him to be responsible for the security work,I don’t need him for anything else.,There was an opportunity for him to contribute to the company。
“Oh?So,Why didn’t you see him today??”I heard Jiang Yan say that,Since Qin Feng is in charge of security work,Then it should start from the pick-up,How can I not see people。
Of course,Qin Xibei didn’t mean to blame,But she wants to see,Qin Feng in Jiang Yan’s mouth,Is it the Qin Feng she wants to meet?。
“This one?Sister Xibe, don’t blame him,Actually he came today,Waited at the airport for a long time,Just when you just got off the plane。”
He has a sudden stomachache,And afraid that he will affect the company’s image,So he got in the car and rested,But even so,We also arrange a security team。
“So Sister Xibe, don’t worry about the safety of you and your companions,We will do a good job in security,To ensure your safety。”Jiang Yan explained again。
“Yan Yan,you misunderstood,I am not worried about this,You saw it too,I brought a bodyguard myself,But it can be seen,You maintain this called Qin Feng?”Qin Xibei looked at Jiang Yan in embarrassment,Can’t help but smile。
“amount!As the president of the company,Maintaining subordinates should also be,And every capable employee,We all appreciate it,Besides, the company’s good operations,It is also inseparable from an excellent security team。”Jiang Yan explained somewhat far-fetched。
Due to the rush of time,So there are some problems Jiang Yan didn’t even think about,And this task of Qin Feng,Also just added,Even Qin Feng himself didn’t know that he actually had this task。
But in order to show sincerity in front of Qin Xibei,Jiang Yan had no choice but to go wrong,Otherwise it’s the face of yourself and the company,Will be thrown abroad。