Looks unusual outside,Walk inside,Even more amazing,Xia Jian is like Grandma Liu entered the Grand View Circle,Look left and right,I’m so busy,What rockery and flowing water,What little bridge and bamboo,Even more strange is that there is a big tree growing in the main hall,The tree pole is in the middle of the house,This branch may have penetrated the roof and grew outside。

“stop looking,This is fake“The old man patted Xia Jian’s arm gently,Greeting Xia Jianzhi to walk inside,It seems here,For him, he is familiar with the road。
“Kunlun Room,Open the door to Xiao Lao”A woman greeted me quickly,While commanding the waiter。
This woman in her early thirties,The length is just right,Match it with this professional suit,Unspeakable。
The old man is still stern,Say coldly:“How many times have I said that Manager Du,I don’t need you to welcome me in person,A waiter is enough”Xia Jian couldn’t help but shook his head,Why is this old man so weird,The manager personally received,That’s not the face that ordinary people can have,He is not happy。
The woman called Manager Du is not angry at all,Instead, he said with a smiley face:“Xiao Lao can come here several times a year,Moreover,You seem to have guests today,I’m afraid others will be slow”Manager Du invited the old man and Xia Jian to the Kunlun Hall。
Kunlun Hall is as its name,Background wall of snow mountain,The shape of a lofty mountain,A small dining table,There is only a red chair next to it,Xia Jian was very surprised,Such a big room,Decorated like this,Is it to watch the scene or eat??
Manager Du moves very quickly,I did not know where I moved out a chair,Put it at the table,Then smiled and asked the old man:“Xiao Lao,Have guests today,Do you want to change this third child??”
“Ha ha,That should,Let this guy order,Order whatever you like,But today I need a bottle of wine,You can’t make me happy”The old man is uncharacteristic,Said with a big smile。
Xia Jian glanced at him secretly,Do you think this old man smiles very amiably??Should be out of the pain just now,The little black dog closed his eyes tightly in the arms of the old man,May be asleep。
Manager Du politely put the recipe in front of Xia Jian,Then made a gesture of please,Eat in such a place,Xia Jian is really the first time,He said quickly:“No need to,Just order anything,Any noodles”
Xia Jian’s panicking behavior,Amused the old man,He smiled and said:“Just do whatever,Manager Du just went up,But fast,Close the door after serving,I am afraid of noise”
Manager Du took a step back,Turned and left,The old man just stood up,Put the puppy underfoot,Then he bowed deeply to Xia Jian and said:“Thank you for saving me today,Let me live a few more days in this world,It’s not that I am always confused,But which big black is not just a dog,And still my comrade in arms,So today on impulse,I almost hurt you,If so,My old Xiao can die”
I didn’t expect that the old man would come out like this,Xia Jian was at a loss,Hurriedly said:“Don’t be like this for the elderly,This happened to me,If someone else,They will do that too,it’s nothing,You invite me to dinner,Even thank me,Never mention it again”
“Hahaha!I didn’t expect you to be brave,And also refreshing,If this is definitely worthy of the word hero in ancient times,Today I heard someone say that you are our great hero in Bucheon,I think it sounds good,but…”The old man is here,Talk and stop。
Xia Jian is not a fool,Although he doesn’t know the meaning of the old man’s words,But he understands,Hero,Not everyone’s name,So he immediately said:“I am an ordinary person,The word hero is too heavy for me,Can not afford”
Between talking,The dishes are ready,Not very rich,But two people eat,Already pretty good。See these dishes,Where did Xia Jian eat,Plus the sins that the stomach suffers these days,He can’t wait,Whatever his face,Let’s talk when you are full,So he doesn’t wait for the old man to greet him,A big meal,Manager Du on the side,I can see and shake my head。
The old man has a peaceful face,While eating,While pushing the dish to Xia Jian,I’m afraid that Xia Jian won’t be full。
A gust of wind,When a few plates are empty,Xia Jian felt that,I haven’t had a full belly these days,This is enriched。The old man nodded to Manager Du,This woman conjured a bottle of Jian Nanchun,It’s just half a catty,Xia Jian swept it away,Thought,This little wine is not enough for me to drink。

Although Hua Yun is considered an elite in the business world,Strong woman in career,But very weak in life。She doesn’t even know how to relax herself after get off work。Just because I lost my mother’s love prematurely,She learned to hide herself,Just because of an unforgettable first love,She began to avoid emotional topics。

No one understands her fragility and loneliness,Sometimes she doesn’t even know who she is living for,Only endless work can make her feel fulfilled and anesthetized。Once it’s free,Except driving around aimlessly,She doesn’t know what to do。
In the eyes of father,Hua Yun is a good daughter,A good daughter who knows how to make progress;In the eyes of Jincheng and many other suitors, she is another cold and aloof,Unattainable princess;And in the eyes of colleagues,She is known for being harsh,A female boss with a strong competitive spirit,A man at the helm of the future Pantech Group wearing many auras。
She has endured too much,But don’t know how to release,But there is a limit to anyone under pressure,Even Hua Yun, who is very tenacious at work, needs to rest、Need to talk。She is also a woman,Also need care and protection,Need a shelter from wind and rain。
It’s just that the fragile Hua Yun has closed herself,Let many suitors sigh,Even in the face of the persevering Jincheng,She couldn’t find the slightest feeling。She also tried to open herself many times,But all in vain。At this moment, Hua Yun felt that Li Tianchou’s broad shoulders were so reliable,Seems to take a while,There will be more warmth in her heart。
But Li Tianchou was dizzy,Holding pretty girl,Can clearly feel the heartbeat of the other party,And Hua Yun’s fiery body temperature made his blood boil involuntarily,He dare not think anything wrong,But I have to take deep breaths to suppress the instinctive reaction。
Suddenly Li Tianchou sensed a strange danger behind him,at the same time,Hua Yun in her arms is also shocked。There is a rapid breathing sound from behind my head,“Let her go,you……”Talking room,A person at the door rushed to Li Tianchou,But the action is half a beat,Li Tianchou hit the chest with a quick kick,“Whoops”Bang,This person flew out immediately。
“what!”An exclamation of,Hua Yun hurriedly broke free from Li Tianchou’s arms,Run to the door,“Jin Cheng,Are you okay?”
Completely dizzy,The person being kicked turned out to be Jincheng?Li Tianchou hurriedly turned around to check,In the corridor,Jin Cheng lay on his back,Eyes closed,Pale face,Hua Yun on the side frightened Liushen Wuzhu,Keep shaking Jincheng’s shoulder。A smell of alcohol filled the corridor,Looks like this guy is drinking too much。
Li Tianchou rushed over and squatted beside Jincheng,But found Hua Yun glaring at him,Her mood fluctuates a lot at the moment,It may be caused by too much fright in a day,So Li Tianchou doesn’t mind,But quickly started to check Kim Sung’s injuries。
Okay,Nothing big,Just a kick hit the place just above Jincheng’s heart,Did not cause internal injuries,Just out of breath。
Li Tianchou pinched Jin adult、Hukou and other points,Kim Sung slowly woke up,I opened my eyes and saw Li Tianchou in front of me,Suddenly his face changed again,He is struggling to get up,But no strength,Mouth,Started to retching。Li Tianchou helped Huayun support Jincheng,Turned around and entered the room,Lest this watchful eye never ends。
Hua Yun helped Jincheng to clean the bathroom,Li Tianchou quickly called Zhou Nan,Call the police first。Then he called the hotel reception desk,The security guard and the waiter came up to see the scene on the bed, too scared,Keep apologizing。Under Li Tianchou’s insistence,The security agreed to ask the manager for instructions,Archive the surveillance video of the day。
Sorry for,The housekeeping manager specially opened a new room for Hua Yun to rest,Just let the drunk Jin Sung go to sleep,No need to wander around,Tangled annoying。
Not long,The police came,What surprised Li Tianchou was that Zhou Nan actually brought someone here.,Such a threatening case seems inconspicuous,But the Criminal Police team takes it very seriously。
Briefly understand the situation with Li Tianchou,Zhou Nan quickly arranged someone to check the scene,Investigation,Then I chatted with Huayun alone,And told Li Tianchou not to leave,So he took an assistant and followed the security manager to read the surveillance video。

Wang Degui didn’t expect Song Fang to say so,But he still asked unwillingly:“Please elder wife,Have you figured it out?”

“Must have figured it out,But you still have to decide on this”Song Fang smiled,She glanced at Wang Youcai when she said this。
Wang Youcai already understands what Song Fang is going to say,So he followed Song Fang’s words and said to dad:“dad!Dasao rarely goes home once,Moreover,She sits in the office all year round,She never has to do anything about cooking。So stop talking about it”
“Bastard!Have you talked?”Wang Degui didn’t expect Wang Youcai to become so fast。And also stand on the same front with his sister-in-law,Can this keep him from getting angry?
Song Fang laughed and said:“Don’t say these are useless。dad!I married Youfa,You didn’t give us anything,How about this!Give us any piece of Xichuanhe!I want to build some rooms for us”
“what?Where is Xichuan River??Wouldn’t you say which wasteland opposite the vegetable shed?!”Listen to Wang Degui,Asked a little surprised。
Song Fang said with a sweet smile:“dad!Which wasteland。You give it to us!”Song Fang’s mouth is extra sweet,Dad。 This surprised Wang Degui。
“Where is a bit far from the village,And the ground is full of stones,Where do you want to?”Wang Degui was a little puzzled to ask。
Song Fang took a breath and said:“Jin Wo Yin Wo is not as good as its own dog kennel。I want to build a house for us,Wait to live in it in the future”Song Fang said this,Wang Degui couldn’t help but widen his eyes。
First1769chapter Vicious woman
? Wang Youcai was anxious when he heard it,What does Song Fang mean?I just said it well,Lao Wang’s family is doing this business together,I changed my taste as I said it now。
“Hey sister-in-law!There seems to be a problem with what you said,The more I listen, the more I don’t understand”Wang Youcai said this quickly,Otherwise, wait for Song Fang’s conspiracy to succeed,He’s too late。
Wang Degui ignored Wang Youcai’s words,But rushed to say:“Didn’t you rent a house in the city??Moreover,The place to live in the factory is also big。And this yard,Isn’t there a house issued too??Where to live。If you really want to build another courtyard house,There is also a place in the village!”
“Oops dad!The village asks for the place and asks for money,Also troublesome。Wouldn’t we save a lot of handling fees when we build a house on our own land?。We like quiet,You give us this piece of land,It’s a wasteland anyway,Idle is idle”Song Fang was very polite。
Wang Youcai is in a hurry,He stood up anxiously。But he wanted to interrupt but couldn’t,Wang Degui glared at him and said:“Stop talking,Isn’t this house all yours??If your sister-in-law really wants this land,Just for her”
“Not dad。I can’t give this land to Dasao,This is the land of our three brothers,How can you leave him alone?”Wang Youcai was anxious,And said loudly。
Wang Degui’s eyes widened and roared:“Bastard,What three brothers。Your second brother’s registered permanent residence has long since moved from our house,So anything in the house,Have nothing to do with him。You watched this house built,Then it’s yours。Since your sister-in-law wants this wasteland,Then give it to her。I have the final say,you shut up”

Chen Xiu took out one,I weighed it in my hand,Weighs only a few grams。

“This is not light,If you don’t get venom,I’m afraid this flying needle will not penetrate the human body。”
“I feel that he was controlling the direction of the flying needle just by sound,It is estimated that this method also limits his inability to control overly heavy objects,That’s why I chose this lightweight flying needle as a weapon!”
“But it can steer the flying needle,This method is too magical!”
Chen Xiu continued searching on that person,Then I took out another wallet,There are some wallets in various countries,But no clues。
The man groaned on the ground,Wake up slowly,Slowly opened his eyes and saw Chen Xiu smiling and looking at himself。
He wanted to whistle subconsciously,Just cracked lips,No front teeth,No sound at all,Just a spout of blood、saliva。
“Dare to blow,I promise to break your mouthful of teeth!”Chen Xiu said sharply。
“Well……I have nothing……”
The man lost his front teeth,It took a long time for Chen Xiu to understand,He said i didn’t。
Chen Xiu scratched his face with a palm,Half of the face is swollen。
“Special,Is it interesting to deny it with me?!”
Chen Xiu raised his slap aloft and shaved the other side of his face,The man hurriedly clutched the other side and shouted:“stop fighting,I’ll explain everything you want to know!”
“Zhang Tianci。”

“It turned out to be alive,It is already very good.。”

Gao Bao shook his head,I don’t know if I am sighing the surviving Zhou Jun prisoners.,Still sighing anything else。
Jin Yucheng City, Northwest Corner of Luoyang,Gaozhen is anxious and uneasy to go。Gao Yanzong took the army with the army last night.,Then tell him a message that is not good news.。
Yu Wenyi’s heart is in today’s privilege.!
This morning, the high performance has already put it out.,Now I haven’t come back yet.。
“Road and,How do you think this war??”
The high performance of Tang, who is in a peaceful Tang。
“His Majesty,Don’t have to open,Zhou Jun defeated。”
Tang Yan sighs。
High-quality military affairs,He can’t ignore。From a variety of signs,Gao Bao is“Mission”,If this battle is lost today.,I can only say that this is too stinking.,So many advantages have been used in the early stage。
anyway,Gao Boyi is such a waste wood,Can set up Jinyang?Can dry down paragraph?
So expect this battle result,But it is a high performance to seek a little psychological comfort.,There is no egg。But this is too cruel,Tang Yu can’t bear to tell the high performance。
“How do you know that you will be defeated??”
High performance asked some uncomfortable。
“His Majesty,Minachena is not a means of Gao Baoyi.,Just no power to stop。”
Voice is just,A young team ran on the city building,Skate knee kneel down to high speeches:“His Majesty,Zhou Jun and Qi Jun,Fierce。Yu Wenzhao and General He celebrate,I am only afraid to go to the north towns in the north.。
As for other people of Zhou Jun,More than half of the captive。Emperience,Truly。”
This is to fight the face of the high performance.,Just verify the words of Tang。
“Go back。”
Highly acting,Almost stand unstable。
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS1224chapter I don’t believe in tears(Down)
The corpse of He Ruunnown is found,Gao Baoyi is very“intimate”Let people sew the head with the body,It seems that it is not so bad.。
“I have long said that you should not go back.,You are going back,Look,Now how?”
Gao Biyi is disappointed and said。
Heaven and earth conscience,He really didn’t expect this pit to death.,Hit the idea,But let the Zhou Jun will be handsome.。Yu Wenzhen is really dare to do.!
But really,It’s not so strange.。Five generations,After the Gao Ping of Chai Rong,After the war, I cut the size of dozens of generals.,Almost the senior high level of the army will kill a large half。
In comparison,In fact, Yu Wenyi can only say that it is not allowed to have sand.,I can’t talk about my heart.。
There are thousands of prisoners in this battle.,At this moment, it is called.。
certainly,These people have known the more than a dozen captives from back.,Qi Jun,Or the Gao Baoyi’s gods, no killing prisoners,It is still more stable now.,I don’t want to make things, I don’t have it.。
“Have the rule he said with them??”
Gao Bo Yi asked Yang Suway。
“Of course, it is waiting for the main bus.,Where is the embarum?。”
Yang Shu respects to Gao Baoyi,The attitude is better than before.。You can easily describe。If you don’t know him,I thought this is a horse fart.。
But as long as Yang Su is a little familiar, it knows,This is not arrogant in the next day.,The eyes are long on the top,No one can see,Alone on the Gao Bo Yi service post。
“It’s really more。”
Gao Baoyi mouth is not happy,He is understanding,Yang Su, this is very high.,No wonder the history of the past,Yang Guang has the weight of Yang Su like this。

“As for many other things, I can’t say a sentence.,But basically you can understand。”

Li Hui also asked some things again.。
And Shen Tian Si is also really known.。
On the evening,Drink at eleven points,Until Shen Tianzi talks to the tongue,Li Hui Feng sent the other party back。
All the way,Shen Tian Si is also a brother with Li Hui Feng,Then I said my family,Your own career now Li speaks from the wind to know that the original Santi is actually married.,He has always thought that the other party was not married.。
、Shen Tianzi is here,It’s entirely because I want to have a breath.。
Because after a famous door,He can’t afford it,So I want to climb up with my own strength.。
At first, he is also full of blood.,But slowly, I found that there is no one if I don’t say it.,It is the people around you can stepping you into the mud, let you lose your body forever.。
He can now have this position is also your help.,Even him can feel that there should be the reason why the family is in the family.。
Waiting for him to reach a certain level,He will go back,Otherwise it will never go back.。
As for the level of Shen Tian Si,Li Hui Feng feels a bit difficult。
However, he did not say that,After all, the lotus village is the poorest village in the county.,Just a wife, as long as I heard that Lotus Village,Are there a girl is willing?。
But this is just a short year.,Lianhua Village has already become the most rich village.。
Send Shen Tian Si back,Li Hui rodehed with a motorcycle back to his own home.。
Just arrived at the door,He is a glimpse。
Chapter 1,15
“How are you here??
correct,When you come??”
See Zhang Wei and Guo Da,Li Hui Feng is, I forgot that two people have come earlier than him.。
“Hey-hey,Instructor,We have already come early.,But I don’t know how to get close to your parents.,Live in the B & B these two days,Today, you will come back.,We also know your location slightly.。”
I heard two people,Li Hui is also a speechless,Actually, I know that his position is still investigated.。
“You come in with me.,Which home is you renting??”
“Forehead,Is the kind of,No network light bulbs are tungsten,That kind of cheap。”
The two people saved the day of the day, Li Hui Hui, is also a smile.。
“As far as I know, you have a lot of salary for a month.?
How to live in a homestay?”
“Hey-hey,We are all married and have a wife.,Save some children and children,After all, we can’t see your wife once a year.,It’s really sorry.,If you don’t work hard to make money,What is we still?!”
Guo Da, let Li speak together.,He also didn’t expect it to be this answer。
“I can’t see two actually or Gu’s family.。”
Li Hui said with the wind.,Let two people sit well。
At the same time, he also opened the light of the yard.。
“Zhang Ge,Let you treat you first.,You take your top.,Then lying on the lounge chair。”

I dare to say that I don’t match.?”

“Did I match now??”
Say,Tian Shier has given Liu Feng several punches.。
These fists,Liu Fengjiki DC,The eyes are open.。
But he is still very stubborn。
“You do not deserve,You are killing me,You don’t match。”
“IXXXXX,Today, I will kill you.,See who dares to go out for you。”
Peng Pepeng, the students who were scared to meat were not afraid.。
But the more this,Tian Poer is more excited,He likes this way of managing all class students.。
But I saw the stubborn of Liu Feng’s eyes.,He is even more,Directly put the bench and went up with the back of the other party.。
This, but directly put Liu Feng in the ground.,At the same time, it is also a full class girl screaming.。
“Tianshier,Don’t be smashed,Once again。”
Heard this sound,Tianshir directly stopped the action in his hand,Laugh at Yang Xiao Xiao。
The eyes are full of angry,desire,There is still not satisfied。
In his eyes, Yang smiled more than Liu Feng.,He chased the other person for so long.,Other person is indifferent,Other girls, he chased it for a few days, it can take advantage of Saturday Sunday.。
But Yang Xiao smiled,The more you pursue,But it is, the more you can’t get it.,The more you can’t get it,He is more feeling not satisfied.。
“Hey-hey,I want me to stop,sure,Promise to be my girlfriend,I will let him go today.,Otherwise, this kid will kill him today.。”
Say,The bench in Tianshir’s hand is again,Then he once again smashed Liu Feng.。
This time, Liu Feng, who is directly smashing.。
See Liu Feng’s appearance,Tian Shier is not half-scared,Instead, there is a sense of accomplishment。
Just when she kneaded the bench again,Yang Xiao smiled and quickly stopped。
“Don’t smash,Don’t smash,I promise,I promise。”
“Hey-hey,Isn’t it finished??
Since promised,Later after Liu Fengyuan,I know that you are on a town.,I know that you are doing a car every time.,You should also talk to love.?
Otherwise, every time I have a little small.,This kid will not look at me with the eyes of suffering.。”
On the side of Tian Pier, I kicked the other side.,Then I walked out of the classroom.。
As for Liu Feng’s things,He feels that there is no problem at all,The other party does not dare to report to the teacher,Because he only wants to report once,Then, the next time, Liu Feng will be more embarrassed.。
Just when Li Hui is followed by Lin Xueyan, it is about to go to the principal’s office.,But I suddenly heard a girl with a crystall in the hall.。
“teacher LIN,teacher LIN,Let’s go back and have a look.,Tian Shier wants to kill people,Liu Feng is going to be killed。”
One listening is the message of Tianshier’s hitting,Lin Xueyan face is also a change,Immediately, I can’t take Li Rong and Han Shanshan.,Direct:“Xiao Li,You are going to talk to the principal with Shan Shan, let’s talk about your things.,I went to see。”
Seeing Lin Xueyan’s some panic look,Li Hui’s pair of Han Shanshan regarded each other,This time, two people seem to have a spirituality.,Four Lin Xueyan directly goes back。
First to the door of the classroom,Lin Xueyan seeing another class of students is around her classroom.,I immediately licked a bunch of students directly.,Then rushed in。
At this time, Liu Feng has been helped.,But very obviously suffering,The appearance of the edema on the face,Lin Xueyan heart is a tremble,This is more handsome。
Li Hui and Han Shanshan also saw Liu Feng’s appearance.,Han Shanshan also known a boy fighting,But but I have never seen such awkward,Such injury,At least one week can’t go to school。
High school studies,Can’t go to class a week, it is to be governed.,It is not difficult to catch a step, it’s not difficult to talk.。
“Tianshir!Let Tianshir give me to the office waiting for me.。”
Lin Xueyan tried to control his anger when he said this.,She saw Liu Feng’s appearance,Suddenly some regrets,Regret to let Tian Poer enter a class,She should insist on her original。
“teacher,No need to go to the office,What is wrong now?。”
Tian Shier hand tied pants, the clothes were very eye-catching, from the classroom, the door came in.,He is watching Liu Feng’s eyes,The eyes are full of strong disdain。
“Tianshier,Why do you want to play students??

Lu Haocheng laughed,Looking at the front side and rushed,He stepped on the brakes,I found no brakes,He is slightly eyebrow,Have a few times,The car still has no brake,He played a direction,The direction is also failed.,The car is rushing toward the cliff,Even the opportunity of Lu Haochong jumped。

Lu Haozheng is afraid of calling,Looking at the sea under the cliff,His pupil is dramatic。
Blue Xin listens to this sound,Heart is in an instant,The bottom of the heart reaches the pole,The pupil is also extremely magnified。
“Ah Cheng,What’s wrong with you?”
Blue Xin asked urgently。
“sorry,Blue,There is no brakes in the car.,Blue,Sorry”Blue Xin’s phone,Suddenly there is no Lu Hao Cheng’s voice,Instead, violent crash sounds。
“Ah Cheng,Ah Cheng”Blue Xin is afraid of shouting。
“Bamboo”She heard huge water sound,“do not want,Ah Cheng”Blue Xin shouted。
“Blue Director。”
Ning Feifei looked at Blue Xin painful。
I don’t know what happened.。
“Ah 呜呜 Ah Cheng,You answer me.,What happened to you?”It’s just that her mobile phone has been passed.“Doodle”the sound of。
Ning Feifei looks at it,Run out to find Ou Jing。
Ou Jing listened to the description of Ning Feifei。
Herd walking and watching Blue Xin。
“Blue,what happened?”
“Ah Cheng,you answer me,you answer me!”
Blue Xin’s tears shouting。
The appearance of Ou Jing,She is like not seeing。
European,Microscopic shoulders,“Blue,look at me。”
“what”Blue Xinlu tears,Look at him in one inch,Lips shaking,She strives to keep myself calm,“A Cheng talks about the car without braking,I heard the sound of hitting and falling water.,A become an accident。”
Short sentence,She hard to say it for a long time.。
NS1074chapter:Lu Haocheng is not in the car
European,The pupil suddenly enlarges。
He quickly got up,Quickly meet Ning Feifei,“Fifi,Take care of blue blue。”
Haven’t finished,Others have already taken out。
After he got out of the office,Call the alarm。
Immediately, I called Muzi and Su Sei Ming.。
Several people with Blue Xin,Rolled to the scene with the fastest speed。

Lu Yi smiled,Then I clicked on the fluid screen with my hand“enter the game”Button……

In front of him appeared a row of round metal wall rooms with a sense of futuristic technology,The door of each room is marked with different functions on an electronic screen,Have“Quick match mode”“Single Ranked Mode”“Multiplayer ranking mode”“Custom training mode”“Epic campaign mode”“Career challenge mode”“New record mode”……
Lu Yi looked at the lights at each door,Find“Career challenge mode”with“Epic campaign mode”The light strip at the door is gray,Means that these two doors cannot be opened temporarily,So I became more curious about the new ones“Career challenge”versus“Epic Battle”……
“Lu Yi,You changed your name?enter‘Master Luban’No such person!”Anna Cao shouted。
“Y11,Add this name!”Lu Yi shouted across the game cabin。
“Louis XI?so,What Xu Tian said when he came over the other day was true?”Feng Xichuan asks Xiang Luyi。
Lu Yi didn’t answer this question,But everyone in the Flower and Grass team knows。
“Master,I didn’t expect you to be too good!Can actually single out Xu Tian in the international competition,Although lost,But that scene
I have watched the video of the game!So handsome!”When Zhang Song knew that Lu Yi was the one who had fought against his idol Xu Tian,Many little stars appeared in Zhang Song’s eyes。
“God of pistols!I heard what Brother Tian said3Years old!”Anna Cao joked。
“correct,Are you half a year older than Xu Tian??How to call his brother?”Lu Yi puzzled。
“Humph!……How embarrassed to open your mouth and make him master!Do you think everyone is Zhang Song?”Anna Cao recalled the scene where she worshipped Xu Tian as a named master because she failed to bet,So far……
But thinking that Xu Tian has always been young and mature,I took care of myself because of my own brother Cao Fa,I even visited myself when I was hospitalized,I don’t mind that much!

Xia Jian was anxious when he heard it,What is this woman doing?This is indeed true,It was the night before Alice was going back to America,He went to the hotel to see him off,It turned out that he couldn’t drink anymore。But I can’t say this,If we go on, it will cause other misunderstandings。

“Hey!I said you women can’t do it!If it doesn’t work, don’t ask me to drink,If it works,Should we rest?”Xia Jian hurried out to make a round,He is afraid to continue,Alice will tell some little secrets between them。
I didn’t expect Alice to hear him talk like this,The old man asked literally:“Xia Jian!My Chinese is not good,What do you mean?Let’s rest?Who do you want to sleep with?”
Alice, this is a joke,But when Zhao Hong heard it, it didn’t taste like this,She thought Xia Jian had an affair with these women。I saw her smile and said:“It’s him,He is a romantic ghost“
No matter from which angle you listen to this,Have a weird smell。Unclear reason with people who have drunk,Xia Jian knows this very well。
He hurriedly said to Chen Xia:“You take them to the room to rest,I send Zhao Hong back“Chen Lu nodded against Xia Jian,But did not speak。But it looks like she wants to talk,But swallowed the words that came to the mouth。
When Zhao Hong left the door of Xia Jian’s house,People don’t walk anymore,Even speaking became clear,A word is unambiguous。Xia Jian discovered,Everyone was fooled by Zhao Hong,She is pretending to be drunk。
“Hey!You are pretending to be drunk!“Xia Jian asked quietly。
Zhao Hongchong and Xia Jian coldly snorted:“Why should i get drunk?If I get drunk you really sleep with them?Isn’t this embarrassing us from Xiping Village??”
“What nonsense?Still said that he was not drunk。You show me some way,Shut your speechless mouth”Xia Jian said,Take Zhao Hong and walk quickly towards her house。
Zhao Hong opened the west door,The whole person sticks up like chewing gum。Xia Jian understands her mood at the moment,So take advantage of,Put her down on the big kang。
First1589chapter Women pretending to be drunk