Shenzhen News Front "Three Learning Education Training Course"

  On the morning of September 15th, the Shenzhen News Front "three learning education" training courses open in the Shenzhen Newspaper Hall. Zhang Baixin, a member of the Party Group of China’s Reporting Association, and the Secretary of the Secretary of China, and Zhang Baixin, deputy director of the "Three Education Office" to strengthen the professional spirit of the news practitioners, and the professional ethics construction. About 200 edited business backbone from the city’s news units and various districts and media centers participated in the training. In the lecture, Zhang Baixin has a question of "firmly adhere to Marxist news concept" as the topic of the impact of journalism and morality; Moral Guidelines; enhance the level of news professional ethics, faithfully fulfill the mission of the responsibilities of the party and the people, focusing on how to strengthen the professional ethics of journalists, carry forward the professionalism, and do the party’s news public opinion.

  Zhang Baixin said that adheres to the right political direction, it is the fundamental requirement of journalists must firmly grasp; adhere to the people-centered political position must firmly stand firm; adhere to the principle of news authenticity, is a news worker must Always abide by the basic requirements; constantly excellence, is a lifelong career pursuit of journalists should establish; always improve innovation, is the key to the work that journalists must master; comply with legal discipline, is the bottom line of journalists must comply; strengthen international Communication capacity building is an inevitable requirement of journalists to constantly enhance international discourse rights.

  This lecture made Shenzhen journalists deeply educated and harvested. They have said that "this lecture has high political stations, strong reality, existing news theory knowledge, and specific case analysis, deeply telling the advanced deeds of excellent journalists, so that we can fully recognize the spirit of journalism The importance of journalism and moral construction.

As a party’s journalist, we must adhere to the era of socialist socialism in Xinping, further enhance moral cultivation, strengthen moral self-discipline, moral practice, and better take the mission mission given by the party and people. (Reporter Liu Sha) (original title "Shenzhen News Front" Three Learning Education Training Course "to open, enhance news professional ethics, faithfulness to fulfill the responsibilities of the responsibilities of the party and people") Editor: Zhang Shuang.