Looks unusual outside,Walk inside,Even more amazing,Xia Jian is like Grandma Liu entered the Grand View Circle,Look left and right,I’m so busy,What rockery and flowing water,What little bridge and bamboo,Even more strange is that there is a big tree growing in the main hall,The tree pole is in the middle of the house,This branch may have penetrated the roof and grew outside。

“stop looking,This is fake“The old man patted Xia Jian’s arm gently,Greeting Xia Jianzhi to walk inside,It seems here,For him, he is familiar with the road。
“Kunlun Room,Open the door to Xiao Lao”A woman greeted me quickly,While commanding the waiter。
This woman in her early thirties,The length is just right,Match it with this professional suit,Unspeakable。
The old man is still stern,Say coldly:“How many times have I said that Manager Du,I don’t need you to welcome me in person,A waiter is enough”Xia Jian couldn’t help but shook his head,Why is this old man so weird,The manager personally received,That’s not the face that ordinary people can have,He is not happy。
The woman called Manager Du is not angry at all,Instead, he said with a smiley face:“Xiao Lao can come here several times a year,Moreover,You seem to have guests today,I’m afraid others will be slow”Manager Du invited the old man and Xia Jian to the Kunlun Hall。
Kunlun Hall is as its name,Background wall of snow mountain,The shape of a lofty mountain,A small dining table,There is only a red chair next to it,Xia Jian was very surprised,Such a big room,Decorated like this,Is it to watch the scene or eat??
Manager Du moves very quickly,I did not know where I moved out a chair,Put it at the table,Then smiled and asked the old man:“Xiao Lao,Have guests today,Do you want to change this third child??”
“Ha ha,That should,Let this guy order,Order whatever you like,But today I need a bottle of wine,You can’t make me happy”The old man is uncharacteristic,Said with a big smile。
Xia Jian glanced at him secretly,Do you think this old man smiles very amiably??Should be out of the pain just now,The little black dog closed his eyes tightly in the arms of the old man,May be asleep。
Manager Du politely put the recipe in front of Xia Jian,Then made a gesture of please,Eat in such a place,Xia Jian is really the first time,He said quickly:“No need to,Just order anything,Any noodles”
Xia Jian’s panicking behavior,Amused the old man,He smiled and said:“Just do whatever,Manager Du just went up,But fast,Close the door after serving,I am afraid of noise”
Manager Du took a step back,Turned and left,The old man just stood up,Put the puppy underfoot,Then he bowed deeply to Xia Jian and said:“Thank you for saving me today,Let me live a few more days in this world,It’s not that I am always confused,But which big black is not just a dog,And still my comrade in arms,So today on impulse,I almost hurt you,If so,My old Xiao can die”
I didn’t expect that the old man would come out like this,Xia Jian was at a loss,Hurriedly said:“Don’t be like this for the elderly,This happened to me,If someone else,They will do that too,it’s nothing,You invite me to dinner,Even thank me,Never mention it again”
“Hahaha!I didn’t expect you to be brave,And also refreshing,If this is definitely worthy of the word hero in ancient times,Today I heard someone say that you are our great hero in Bucheon,I think it sounds good,but…”The old man is here,Talk and stop。
Xia Jian is not a fool,Although he doesn’t know the meaning of the old man’s words,But he understands,Hero,Not everyone’s name,So he immediately said:“I am an ordinary person,The word hero is too heavy for me,Can not afford”
Between talking,The dishes are ready,Not very rich,But two people eat,Already pretty good。See these dishes,Where did Xia Jian eat,Plus the sins that the stomach suffers these days,He can’t wait,Whatever his face,Let’s talk when you are full,So he doesn’t wait for the old man to greet him,A big meal,Manager Du on the side,I can see and shake my head。
The old man has a peaceful face,While eating,While pushing the dish to Xia Jian,I’m afraid that Xia Jian won’t be full。
A gust of wind,When a few plates are empty,Xia Jian felt that,I haven’t had a full belly these days,This is enriched。The old man nodded to Manager Du,This woman conjured a bottle of Jian Nanchun,It’s just half a catty,Xia Jian swept it away,Thought,This little wine is not enough for me to drink。