“It turned out to be alive,It is already very good.。”

Gao Bao shook his head,I don’t know if I am sighing the surviving Zhou Jun prisoners.,Still sighing anything else。
Jin Yucheng City, Northwest Corner of Luoyang,Gaozhen is anxious and uneasy to go。Gao Yanzong took the army with the army last night.,Then tell him a message that is not good news.。
Yu Wenyi’s heart is in today’s privilege.!
This morning, the high performance has already put it out.,Now I haven’t come back yet.。
“Road and,How do you think this war??”
The high performance of Tang, who is in a peaceful Tang。
“His Majesty,Don’t have to open,Zhou Jun defeated。”
Tang Yan sighs。
High-quality military affairs,He can’t ignore。From a variety of signs,Gao Bao is“Mission”,If this battle is lost today.,I can only say that this is too stinking.,So many advantages have been used in the early stage。
anyway,Gao Boyi is such a waste wood,Can set up Jinyang?Can dry down paragraph?
So expect this battle result,But it is a high performance to seek a little psychological comfort.,There is no egg。But this is too cruel,Tang Yu can’t bear to tell the high performance。
“How do you know that you will be defeated??”
High performance asked some uncomfortable。
“His Majesty,Minachena is not a means of Gao Baoyi.,Just no power to stop。”
Voice is just,A young team ran on the city building,Skate knee kneel down to high speeches:“His Majesty,Zhou Jun and Qi Jun,Fierce。Yu Wenzhao and General He celebrate,I am only afraid to go to the north towns in the north.。
As for other people of Zhou Jun,More than half of the captive。Emperience,Truly。”
This is to fight the face of the high performance.,Just verify the words of Tang。
“Go back。”
Highly acting,Almost stand unstable。
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS1224chapter I don’t believe in tears(Down)
The corpse of He Ruunnown is found,Gao Baoyi is very“intimate”Let people sew the head with the body,It seems that it is not so bad.。
“I have long said that you should not go back.,You are going back,Look,Now how?”
Gao Biyi is disappointed and said。
Heaven and earth conscience,He really didn’t expect this pit to death.,Hit the idea,But let the Zhou Jun will be handsome.。Yu Wenzhen is really dare to do.!
But really,It’s not so strange.。Five generations,After the Gao Ping of Chai Rong,After the war, I cut the size of dozens of generals.,Almost the senior high level of the army will kill a large half。
In comparison,In fact, Yu Wenyi can only say that it is not allowed to have sand.,I can’t talk about my heart.。
There are thousands of prisoners in this battle.,At this moment, it is called.。
certainly,These people have known the more than a dozen captives from back.,Qi Jun,Or the Gao Baoyi’s gods, no killing prisoners,It is still more stable now.,I don’t want to make things, I don’t have it.。
“Have the rule he said with them??”
Gao Bo Yi asked Yang Suway。
“Of course, it is waiting for the main bus.,Where is the embarum?。”
Yang Shu respects to Gao Baoyi,The attitude is better than before.。You can easily describe。If you don’t know him,I thought this is a horse fart.。
But as long as Yang Su is a little familiar, it knows,This is not arrogant in the next day.,The eyes are long on the top,No one can see,Alone on the Gao Bo Yi service post。
“It’s really more。”
Gao Baoyi mouth is not happy,He is understanding,Yang Su, this is very high.,No wonder the history of the past,Yang Guang has the weight of Yang Su like this。