Everyone felt the violent breath on Xia Chenglong,Is calming down little by little,They were also relieved at this time!

One thousand one hundred and forty four Soul Cone
And at this time Xia Chenglong looked at that person,There was a little cold killing intent in his eyes。
At that time, the tombkeeper seemed to feel the cold killing intent on Xia Chenglong’s body at this time.,This time he,I also raised my head and glanced at Xia Chenglong,There was a little complicated and solemn expression on the expression!
Because in Xia Chenglong’s body,He actually felt a breath of destruction,He didn’t feel such a breath even in the formation of the previous ten thousand people.,But on Xia Chenglong’s body,He felt it!
“World Promise,Borrowing method,Inhale the aura of the sun and moon,Radiance of Slashing Heaven and Earth,To my soul,The magic weapon of condensing me!”
When Xia Chenglong finished saying this,At this time, everyone saw a small golden awl suddenly appeared on Xia Chenglong’s body.,This little awl is extremely small,But it gives people a mysterious feeling!
Even some people who have entered the Holy Land,Just looked at that little awl,At a glance,A kind of own soul,The feeling of being sucked into it,At this time, they were also shocked,Quickly pull out my soul!
These people kept their souls,Turn your head off and come here, I don’t even dare to take another look,There was a solemn look on General Jin’s face,At this time, he was secretly grateful for his choice just now!
“I’m a good boy,Fortunately, I didn’t conflict with this pervert.,Otherwise,I guess I really have to plant here today!”
The gravekeeper saw the little awl above the sky,The expression on my face suddenly became wonderful,Playful,Also fear!
At this moment, I heard his sawing wood sound again:“You are strong,I admit this,But these alone are not enough,Although you understand that the soul is the fault of this seat,But your soul skills,Just just practiced,Not solid yet,So it’s not enough to hurt this seat!”