“Happy to come to korea again。Before,I deposited 4.7 billion U.S. dollars into Hope Technology’s account,I got a chance to stand here and talk to everyone。”

Lu Menglin paused,Continue to smile:“Everybody,Do you think I’m a bit stupid?”
The voice has not fallen,There was a faint laughter from all around。
“Then,I tell you very seriously,Stupid you,You are the fools who are deceived!”
This remark,Shocked,Everyone was stunned,I don’t understand what this Lu Menglin means。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Eighty Seven lie
Elizabeth was also slightly surprised at the side,But she quickly calmed down,Because she knows,Lu Menglin is his own,No one would spend five billion dollars to make this kind of joke!
“In front of true love,Each of us is a fool!We are dizzy,Heart and mind,Roll over,Can’t sleep at night,Like a shy high school student!”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
There was laughter again,Everyone’s emotions were raised and lowered by him,Playing between the palms。
of course,This is not how magical Lu Menglin’s words are,But because of his location,A guy who can throw 5 billion dollars,Even if he is really a fool,Most people in this world are also willing to listen to his stupid things。
“and so,I just came to Korea,Came to her hometown,Walk the way she walked,Go everywhere she goes。at last,Let me find her!”When Lu Menglin said this,,The eyes have been staring in the same direction。
quickly,The media reporters at the scene noticed,Those officials and businessmen also noticed,The tens of thousands of spectators present also saw it,All stay in front of the TV,The people who watched the live broadcast also saw it,The direction his eyes have been looking,Never changed!
Jin Suyan was watching Lu Menglin’s hot eyes,Raise your head bravely,Stare at him without fear,The eyes are equally hot。