[What to eat if you eat toon]_taboo_cannot eat with

[What to eat if you eat toon]_taboo_cannot eat with

In life, many people especially like to eat toon. The vegetables on this tree are generally mature in the spring season, and it is currently in the southern region. Although the bud period of toon is relatively short, the toon buds that are picked are stored for a long timeIt’s short, but this doesn’t necessarily prevent people from preferring its taste, especially Xiangzhen and eggs are fried together and eaten, which is more attractive, so what can’t you eat after eating toon?

Toon, in the countryside, many families are planting this thing.

Toon with tofu, it’s called a stick, it’s delicious.

Toon is called Toon Bud in our hometown. When we were young, we planted several such trees in the yard of our hometown, and it was enough for the young buds to eat every spring. It was often made into pickles, which was delicious.

Toon is a tall arbor tree (my family is relatively small, maybe it hasn’t grown up), and it is native to China.

It has been a long time for people to eat toon, and the Han Dynasty spread all over the river.

In ancient agricultural markets, Toona sinensis was called Chun, and Ailanthus altissima was called 樗.


jpg The following briefly introduces the nutritional content of Toona sinensis: Toona sinensis head is rich in nutrition.

According to analysis, every 100 grams of toon head contains 9.8 grams of protein, 143 milligrams of calcium, and 115 milligrams of vitamin C, which are among the best in vegetables.

In addition, it contains 135 mg of phosphorus, 1.36 mg of carotene, and nutrients such as iron and B vitamins.

Toon is a famous seasonal product. It contains volatile aromatic organic compounds such as toonin, which can strengthen the spleen and appetite and increase appetite.

Containing vitamin E and sex hormone substances, it has the effects of anti-aging and nourishing yin and nourishing yin, so it is known as “progestin”.

Toon has the effects of clearing away heat and dampness, diuretic and detoxifying. It is a good medicine to help treat enteritis, dysentery and urinary system infection.

The volatile smell of Toona sinensis can penetrate the epidermis of Ascaris lumbricoides, making it impossible for Ascaris to adhere to the intestinal wall and to be excreted from the body.

Toona sinensis is rich in vitamin C, carotene, etc., enhances the body’s immune function, and has the function of lubricating the skin. It is a good food for health and beauty.

Toon’s medicinal value[sexual flavor return to classics]cool sex, bitter taste; into the lungs, stomach, large intestine.

[Efficacy Indications]Clearing heat and detoxifying, strengthening stomach and qi, moisturizing eyesight, and killing insects.

Indications for sores, hair loss, red eyes, lung heat cough and other complications.

So what can Toon not eat with?

Let me introduce toon and tofu food that cannot be eaten together.

Because toon is rich in calcium, and the chemical components contained in cauliflower will affect the digestion and absorption of calcium.

Therefore, toon is not suitable for eating with cauliflower.

Toon and cucumber cannot be eaten together.

Cucumber contains vitamin C decomposing enzymes, which will destroy the vitamin C in toon, affect the absorption of vitamin C by the human body, and greatly reduce the nutrition. Therefore, it is not appropriate to eat toon and cucumber.

Toon diet taboo.

Toona is a food with high potassium content.

When taking amphetamine and potassium supplements, if they are used together with foods with high potassium content, they will easily cause hyperkalemia, complications will occur, and symptoms such as bloating and diarrhea will occur.Should not eat toon at the same time.