[How to make 藕粉]_ 藕粉 _Production method_Homely practices

[How to make 藕粉]_ 藕粉 _Production method_Homely practices

In fact, many people especially like to eat some fried foods, but these foods are particularly high instantly, and if eaten as food, they will have certain effects on the body, so they gradually change to dietary brewing.Of course, the first common is lotus root powder. In fact, lotus root powder can be played at home when it is made. The lotus root powder that you make is pure and natural, and the taste is particularly good.

Use a large amount of gauze bag or fine powder sieve with a weight of 7 pounds or more, sieve a cooking machine or a grater, and make a homemade powder. Select old thick powder with thick and deep holes and small hair powder. The starch yield is high.

How to make homemade scallion powder Step 1 Prepare fresh water in the container, peel and slice or dip it to soak to prevent oxidation and discoloration.

The cooking machine adds the water of the simmered tablets and the simmered tablets to a paste.

(There is no cooking machine, use a wire wiper to wipe the mud into a container of water, and manipulate it repeatedly after rubbing and filtering.

) The method of self-made simmering powder Procedure 2 The sizing slurry is filtered twice with fresh water gauze bag, and the juice is retained. If there is no gauze bag, use a fine powder sieve to filter it.

Settle for 3 hours and filter out the starch.

The method of making homemade flour is Step 3 Skim the floating surface water, leaving the bottom starch.

Move to a large baking dish or other dry container.

The thin layer is tiled, the better the area, the faster the drying.

The surface of the water is large, you can use kitchen paper or paper towels to absorb the moisture.

Step 4 of homemade simmered flour is dried and baked reasonably.

Oven baking hot air mode, high temperature oven, slightly open the oven door and use the lowest temperature for baking.

The temperature in the oven is about 35 degrees.

The method of homemade simmering powder Step 5: The surface is dried or roasted and crushed, and it is naturally dried or baked in the room until there is no moisture.

How to make homemade flour powder Step 6 Finally, you can use stone flour, rolling pin, flour mill, and it can be broken into powder flour.

Instead of pursuing a particularly fine powder, just grind larger particles.

The last time you eat it is to dissolve it with water, and then use boiling water or cold water to cook it, but it only saves time.

Of course, it is easy to make powder.

How to make homemade flour powder Step 7 Pure natural flour powder has no raw flour taste and is as sweet as spring water!

Step 8 Tips for Homemade Ravioli Due to the large volume, it is not recommended to use the original juice machine and soymilk to beat the mash, with low power, long time consumption and low efficiency.

A pair of crickets is almost 1 kg. If you use a large wire wiper, it is actually very fast.

Gauze bags are recommended to buy nylon, online scouring, stronger and more durable than pure cotton.

You can use tofu, soy milk and wine.