Originally planned to be close to Qin Xibei,Unexpectedly, she asked directly about marriage,Just ask,And introduce her brother to herself,Where is this?!

“I think so too,I’ll cause you trouble,correct,You don’t need to arrange security work,I brought someone by myself。”Qin Xibei said with satisfaction。
“Security work,We are ready,By our company’s security director Qin Feng,Sister Xibe, don’t worry。”Jiang Yan thought Qin Xibei was worried about safety,So hurry up
Jiang Yan naturally knows Qin Feng’s strength,It’s not suitable for him to be responsible for the security work,I don’t need him for anything else.,There was an opportunity for him to contribute to the company。
“Oh?So,Why didn’t you see him today??”I heard Jiang Yan say that,Since Qin Feng is in charge of security work,Then it should start from the pick-up,How can I not see people。
Of course,Qin Xibei didn’t mean to blame,But she wants to see,Qin Feng in Jiang Yan’s mouth,Is it the Qin Feng she wants to meet?。
“This one?Sister Xibe, don’t blame him,Actually he came today,Waited at the airport for a long time,Just when you just got off the plane。”
He has a sudden stomachache,And afraid that he will affect the company’s image,So he got in the car and rested,But even so,We also arrange a security team。
“So Sister Xibe, don’t worry about the safety of you and your companions,We will do a good job in security,To ensure your safety。”Jiang Yan explained again。
“Yan Yan,you misunderstood,I am not worried about this,You saw it too,I brought a bodyguard myself,But it can be seen,You maintain this called Qin Feng?”Qin Xibei looked at Jiang Yan in embarrassment,Can’t help but smile。
“amount!As the president of the company,Maintaining subordinates should also be,And every capable employee,We all appreciate it,Besides, the company’s good operations,It is also inseparable from an excellent security team。”Jiang Yan explained somewhat far-fetched。
Due to the rush of time,So there are some problems Jiang Yan didn’t even think about,And this task of Qin Feng,Also just added,Even Qin Feng himself didn’t know that he actually had this task。
But in order to show sincerity in front of Qin Xibei,Jiang Yan had no choice but to go wrong,Otherwise it’s the face of yourself and the company,Will be thrown abroad。