“Designed by Mr. Fernandez,”Without waiting for Ding Haijun to finish,Rosemary said in admiration:“Great design right?Everyone praised the design very much,I think this design is unforgettable,Very impactful,Any modification manufacturer on the marketlogoThe visual impact cannot be compared with our magic claws,This is simply a genius design。”

Ding Haijun:“……”
What can he say?What else can he say?
I feel wrong,But Americans just like,What can you do?
Facts proved,On the grasp of American tastes,Chen Geng obviously got rid of dozens of streets he didn’t know。
come“Magic claw”The gate of the modification workshop,Ding Haijun immediately discovered the difference between this place and other departments:At the door of the magic claw,There are even security guards with guns!
Rosemary explained to Ding Haijun:“Two cars currently being modified by Magic Claw,All of them are our company preparing to participate in the autumn Detroit Modified Car Grand Prix,Some things in it are secrets of our company,Unless you get permission,Otherwise, the staff of the non-Magic Claw department are prohibited from entering。”
Speaking skills,The two have arrived at the door,The security at the door had been notified long ago,Saw Ding Haijun who came with Rosemary,The other nodded at the two:“Miss Rosemary。”
Although the other party did not ask,But Rosemary still introduced:“This is Mr. Ding,Guest of Mr. Fernandez。”
“We got a call from the boss,”The security nodded:“Two please come in。”
Rosemary said to Ding Haijun while walking inside:“We are empty-handed now,So the security guards will not check,If you came with a bag,The security guards will also check if there are any photos taken among the things we carry、Video equipment。”
“So strict?”Ding Haijun was a little surprised。
Rosemary nodded:“of course,If the secrets inside are leaked,The company’s losses will be great,No one can bear this responsibility。”