Woman behind,The moment the door closed,I emptied my energy,Collapsed on the sofa,Open your eyes till dawn。

When Lu Jinning’s daughter didn’t return all night again,Detect something wrong,The sharp eyes look straight at Yang Qiuyun,“Why does Yaoer always go to Ningning’s house recently??Is that girl out of love??Need company?”
Yang Qiuyun was really speechless for his open-minded remarks,Do you have the best girlfriend who cursed your daughter??
“Husband,Daughter is older,What did she say about some things,Just listen to it,No need to be true。”
Lu Jinning has been shrewd for a lifetime,How could I be fooled by Yang Qiuyun’s ambiguous words??
Take a look at the unnatural woman,Hum,There is no trace of emotional ups and downs but with irrefutable affirmation,“Did Yao’er live with the Huo family boy??”
Men in the world are double standards,There is nothing wrong with doing it yourself,Especially in the relationship between men and women,I can still be proud of myself,but,Being a father is different,My daughter is a sweetheart,How could you allow other men to take away quietly?
Then there is the exchange with the consent of both parents,I know that my daughter lives with me,I won’t feel comfortable。
Yang Qiuyun knows him well,Also understand his mentality,I didn’t want to hide it from him,A total of three people under one roof,One less every now and then,As long as you have a daughter in your heart,Will naturally notice。
But he doesn’t ask,She won’t take the initiative,Since I asked,She won’t cover up,“All adults,No matter what,All measure,You still don’t care。”
“Snapped”,Lu Jinning threw the remote control in his hand,Stand up suddenly,Looking condescendingly at Yang Qiuyun,So angry,“Is this what you said as a mother??That’s how you taught your daughter?Yaoer is a girl,No matter how you love me, I would be the one who suffers!We are her mom and dad,Be responsible for her lifelong happiness!Haven’t met the parents officially,Just live with him casually,Will be looked down upon!”
Lu Jinning turned blue with anger,The fire in my chest spreads out,The temperature of the air conditioner is already very low,But he still feels hot!
Walking around the room sternly,The more I think about it,He spoiled the daughter who grew up in the palm of his hand,Just like that, the bad boy was abducted silently,I don’t take him as an old man!
He feels his breathing is not smooth,Walk quickly to the window,Open the front and rear windows,Natural wind blowing on the face,I feel better。
Of course Yang Qiuyun knows how much Lu Jinning loves her daughter,Just let him know about it,Will definitely cause an uproar。
as expected,Saw men pacing around the enclosure on the ground,That face is so dark that it can rain,She knew it would not go so easily。
She is not a pedant,I believe in my daughter’s vision,Although she disagrees with her daughter living with someone before marriage,But my daughter has always been independent,She can’t control it either。