You a man,I fuck you a hammer,If you want to fuck you, it’s a sword without a gun。

“how about it?Feel uncomfortable?But no matter how uncomfortable you are,Bear with me!”
“Leo,You really don’t have a strong attitude!So petty!”
“Thank you for looking up,I am not a strong one,You should know!”
He can see it,This Leo is really a dog skin plaster,。
Leo took a bottle of wine at random,The bottles in the pub are basically broken,This one has half left,A little wine in it。
“I am an honest man, Leo,Everyone knows this!”Leo took a sip。
Raleigh just looked at Leo coldly,Honest person to your sister,You’re an honest person?Don’t discredit honest people,
Anyway, Raleigh is crazy,I can only vomit silently,He can’t help Leo,I can’t lose my tolerance。
Leo has no such worries,No shelf。
“I, Leo, think I’m respectful and respectful to you, old man Raleigh,I gave a lot of face when I first met,The second time you went to the auction house to play, I wanted to prevent that Denon dog from recognizing you,And killed him in front of the Tianlongren,I just have to take the responsibility on the side of Tianlongren!”
Speaking of which,Leo’s face is a bit more hideous。
“but,Mr. Raleigh is so majestic,Stepped on my face to warn me that night,Ha ha,Really the style of the strong,Do you think I’m so bullied??Little people that can be killed casually?”