Anthony Fokker swallowed hard:150Seated、Voyage in3800Over kilometersf100?This is properly a mainline airliner!

Although Fokker has always been coveted for the heavyweight trunk market,But they know the consequences once they enter this market,I always just think about it,Don’t even dare to discuss it at the company’s internal meeting,And now,Fernandez Chen is going to provoke Boeing、McDonnell Douglas and the future Airbus?
Does he think he died fast enough??Even the giants dare to provoke?
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First656chapter A lot of money
“boss,This is the latest body sheet metal stamping machine tool provided by Dongying Komatsu Machine Tool Plant,The punching strength is900Mpa,Punching rate can reach15Every second,It is the most advanced stamping machine tool for automotive sheet metal parts in the world today……
This is DongyingOTCSpot welding robot provided by the company,Can be welded every minute18Meters of weld,Compared to Miller Electric’s spot welding robot,The welding speed of this welding robot is fast2Meter……”
Jack·Welch gushed about introducing Chen GengAMClie inkenoshaThe latest technological transformation of the factory,His face is full of excitement。
Chen Geng is equally happy,After this technical transformation is completed,AMCOwn production capacity will be from the previous7010,000 vehicles of various types have risen to100Million vehicles per year,Plus the leased production lines of Ford and General Motors,AMCThe problem of insufficient production capacity is finally basically solved。
As for future capacity issues,Then it’s no longer a problem,Just increase it slowly。
“well,”Nod in satisfaction,Chen Geng to Jack·Welch asked:“Is there any financial pressure?”
“No,”Jack·Welch grinning,Smile happily:“Count this technical renovation loan,Our asset-liability ratio is only18%,far below65%Industry average,In fact, the current situation is that banks are begging us for loans。”
Chen Geng laughed too,AMCCars are not the best-selling automaker in the U.S.,But definitely the hottest automaker in the U.S.,The reason why sales cannot catch up with GM and Ford,Not a question of sales,It’s a problem of productivity,Based on advanced and strong development momentum,The financial and banking circles don’t worry at allAMCAbility to repay,They even wishAMCGet more loans from yourself,Just a pity,AMCThe preferred cooperative bank is Chen Geng’s United Credit Bank,Other banks will be considered only if the loan line of United Credit Bank is insufficient,This makes the bankers sad:Fernandez·Chen this guy is not something,He just put the money from the left pocket into the pocket!