This time their meeting was just accidental,Just fate,Just the last mercy from heaven,Drew a perfect end to this relationship,Since then both people will go where they should go,Take care of the people you should take care of。

Xiao Fan told the two assistants after returning to the hotel,No need to fix the hotel,He can go back to the office lounge and live in,And he gave all the people in the company only two days。
He has to clean up all the accounts and projects in two days,Then we cleaned out all the people who shouldn’t stay in the company,This time the company was very sensational。
Because I don’t know why Xiao Fan is holding time so tight,Actually Xiao Fan decided to stay here for a week at first,But after seeing Xia Qiange,He was afraid that the two of them would meet again。
Xiao Fan is afraid that Xia Qiange will remember the past,Will be hurt and sad,So he has to keep time tight,Hurry up and finish the matter at hand,Back toaGuo and Xia Qiange will never meet again。
I thought the two would never meet again,Xiao Fan smiled relievedly,Maybe the past should be the past,Don’t think about it anymore,All look forward,Have to live well。
Although Xia Qiange feels uncomfortable here,But I packed my luggage and returned to my home,Chairman Xia saw his daughter come back tiredly,How can I not know what happened。
But said nothing,Just let her rest and adjust,Maybe tomorrow Xia Qiange will be that gentle and moving again,Smile on my face,Chairman Xia’s daughter who everyone envy,Xia Qiange。
Xiao Fan’s mood is not good at first,As a result, the company’s projects and things become tighter,The people underneath are crying,But the time they stay in this company is uncertain。
Because if you don’t pay attention you will get fired,They know what they have done themselves,I know whether I am responsible,Xiao Fan hasn’t interfered with the company’s affairs for so many years。
Because of the humble company,I thought it would be fine if we can operate normally,But I didn’t expect more and more vulnerabilities in recent years,Not only have huge financial loopholes appeared, but also serious bureaucracy。
Some people even rely on improper means to promote their positions,Get a higher salary,How can Xiao Fan tolerate such a situation from the people under him?。
So he is very popular this time,Even the way of handling things is vigorous,Dispose of a large number of old employees when they return to the company on the first day。
At the beginning, those employees still clamored that it was unfair,But Xiao Fan threw a bunch of evidence directly in front of them,And motioned to his bodyguards to clear them out。
Such acts of slaughter and curse make people in the company afraid to speak up,I can only do my own thing silently,Thinking about making up for it,If you can leave a good impression, leave a good impression。
After all, this is something that is not guaranteed,If you really get kicked out like this,I don’t know which company will want them again。
Xiao Fan is lazy about this kind of food,Those who make a small profit from it are never soft-hearted,Because the inferior temperament in Xiao Fan’s bones cannot be changed by anyone。
What he believes is wrong is wrong,Yes yes yes,If you do wrong,You have to pay for it,