“Isn’t it like this?”

“……It seems to be like this。”Chen Geng thought about it for a moment,Nodding in agreement。
Chen Geng’s answer made the representatives of the Dongying business community present a little confused,These guys are the elites in the corporate world of Dongying,They will never think that Chen Geng really agrees with what he said,Then the only explanation,Chen Gengjun is saying the opposite,This way……
Responsive,Suddenly looked up at Chen Geng。
“A friend of mine,He is an executive of United Community Bank,”Chen Geng said slowly:“After knowing my project,He wants me to get a loan from United Community Bank,Can give me the biggest discount in interest,It’s just that I haven’t made up my mind,But after listening to Mr. Jingbian’s words,I feel inspired,As a U.S. citizen,How can I not take care of the interests of my report?Ok,I made a decision,I only get loans from Dongying2400Million。”
IHIThe representative is confused。
The representative of Yaskawa Electric is confused.。
The representative of Komatsu was also confused。
The representatives of several major Dongying companies were all dumbfounded:Because our requirements are too high,You don’t even want a bank loan?
Is there any mistake?!
“Mr. Inbe,Do you think Chen Gengjun might be a mystery??”
Come out from Chen Geng,Representatives of several major companies did not go back to each one immediately、Find each mom,But after walking out for a while, I stopped by appointment,Get together to discuss this。
“It is possible,But it can’t be ruled out that he would do it,”Yaskawa Electric Sales Division Director Ibea has a serious face:“According to our survey,Chen Gengjun has a good cooperative relationship with the United Community Bank of the United States,Their company’s used car finance business has always been in cooperation with United Community Bank,Raise your hand by cooperating with Chen Gengjun,In the North American banking rankings in the first half of this year, United Community Bank advanced more than ten terms,It’s very very amazing。”
“Yo West。”