now,Tian Lu decided not to go back to his hometown for the wedding,The reason is more in my heart“blame”,It’s more than worrying about asking for leave from the company to attract gossip,Selfish don’t want to go。

I downplayed the family relationship,Or the old family ignored the family relationship?Maybe there are both ingredients。
She leaned on the footbridge of the pedestrian passage,The endless flow of vehicles and people below,And a dazzling array of businesses,Such a bustling metropolis,Who is not struggling,Not trying to live a good life。
I silently read Tian Jin,wish you a happy wedding!Your wedding is a major event in life,I should go back because of feelings and reason,But I just don’t want to go back,Forgive my selfishness,You will be cold to me、Blame me for not attending your banquet,I don’t blame you。
Is the wind sore the eyes or the eyes are sour,Dou Da’s tears slipped quietly。
Her heart is complicated,And I feel guilty for not being able to attend Tian Jin’s wedding“Please forgive me,Tian Jin。You want happiness、Be happy,Only I have a good life,So that you can live a good life,You guys have to be good,I also want to be good。”
Thought of here,Tian Lu wiped her tears,Strode down the sky bridge。
Go all the way to reverie,Bustling street scene,Long way ahead,It’s not clear what the future is,I just know that it’s not wrong to work hard。
Eat simple plain noodles on the street overnight,I brought a few pieces of roasted sweet potatoes from the long alley to Maza,Put in the bag,Afraid it’s cold,Mazha will not eat well when I go back。
The streets of the industrial park at night,Bright lights,Most of the shuttles are young people in a hurry,Fashionable、Glamorous、Simple ones,Hurry;Old people strolling leisurely,Or sit、Or stand,Enjoy the evening。
park、Statues of celebrities in the square stand quietly in the vast night,Seems to be telling pedestrians。
A wide variety of shops,The window is bizarre,Attracting children’s attention;The coffee shop is a place for adults,a cup of coffee,Three or two,Chatting leisurely,Relax the tension of work day,Release the pressure。
Past the bustling area,The streets of the industrial park are very plain,Without the roaring nightclub noise in the red light district。