[Drinking Cola Insomnia]_Cola_Can’t sleep_Cause

[Drinking Cola Insomnia]_Cola_Can’t sleep_Cause

Coca-Cola is a favorite of many people, but drinking Coca-Cola often is not good for your health. Coca-Cola can cause insomnia. The caffeine in it can make people in a state of insomnia and excitement, and may cause obesity for a long time.Damage to teeth.

1. Caffeine Affecting Sleep Cola can cause distortion of the sleep system, make people insomnia, excitement, nervousness, reduce the quality of sleep, and then damage people’s bones, eventually leading to serious health problems.

2. The sugars that cause obesity in cola are basically monosaccharides. In addition, these sugars will directly enter the blood.

The blood glucose in the blood rises rapidly, which will cause a large amount of irregular release and release, promote slight synthesis, and eventually lead to obesity.

3. The wounded tooth has a certain corrosive effect on tooth enamel because the cola contains carbonic acid formed by dissolving phosphoric acid and carbon dioxide.

4. People who like to drink Coca-Cola are more likely to fracture. The chance of fracture is 5 times that of those who do not drink soda drinks.

Phosphoric acid in cola may be responsible for the increase in fracture rates, because a large amount of phosphorus can affect the body’s absorption of calcium.

The caffeine contained in cola also has a decalcifying effect.

5, cause indigestion because a large amount of carbon dioxide will inhibit the beneficial bacteria in the human body, but also easily cause abdominal distension, affect appetite, and even cause gastrointestinal disorders.

6, leading to esophageal cancer Indian medical experts have found that people who consume large amounts of carbonated beverages such as cola will have a relatively high incidence of esophageal cancer.

Researchers believe that the pressure of carbon dioxide may cause gastric acid to flow back into the esophagus, which stimulates the esophagus and induces esophageal cancer.

People with gastrointestinal diseases and those with gastrointestinal dysfunction must strictly control aerated drinks.