[Can you eat dragon fruit in early pregnancy?

]_Pre-pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can you eat dragon fruit in early pregnancy?
]_Pre-pregnancy_Can you eat

Dragon fruit is a relatively low-energy fruit, and it contains a lot of supplementary fiber. Often eating dragon fruit not only has beauty and beauty, but also prevents constipation. Therefore, pregnant women can eat dragon fruit.Both the fetus and the fetus are good. Proper consumption of dragon fruit during pregnancy also has the effect of preventing the growth of stretch marks. Pregnant mothers can eat more dragon fruit.

The benefits of eating dragon fruit for pregnant women: 1. Detoxification and nourishing the stomach: Because dragon fruit contains plant-based albumin, and this albumin has the effect of detoxifying heavy metals in the body, in modern metropolises where heavy metal pollution from automobile exhaust is severe,Pregnant women eating dragon fruit can also neutralize heavy metal toxins in the body. In addition, the plant albumin in dragon fruit also has a protective effect on the stomach wall of the human body.

So pregnant women eat dragon fruit also has a protective effect on the stomach.

2. Prevention of constipation: Dragon fruit is rich in supplementary plant cellulose. Substituting fiber can effectively regulate highway function and prevent constipation.

The black grains of pitaya fruit contain various enzymes and unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, which help to metabolize peristalsis, achieve intestinal moisturizing effect, and have an auxiliary treatment effect on constipation.

Pregnant women are prone to constipation in the second and third trimester, so pitaya can prevent constipation effectively.

3. Lowering blood pressure: Dragon fruit also has the effect of lowering blood pressure, which is good for pregnant women with high blood pressure and pregnant women with high symptoms.

4, anti-aging: dragon fruit contains vitamin C and anthocyanins, with anti-aging, beauty and beauty effects.

Therefore, pregnant women eat dragon fruit, eat healthy and beautiful.

After pregnancy, due to the interference of various factors, the skin of some pregnant women will become worse. Eating dragon fruit can improve the skin condition.

5. Iron supplement: The content of iron in dragon fruit is higher than that of ordinary fruits, and iron is an irreplaceable element in the manufacture of hemoglobin and other iron-containing substances, which is very important for the health of pregnant women.

However, dragon fruit is a cold fruit. If pregnant women with anemia or diarrhea try to eat less; in addition, the sugar content of dragon fruit is relatively high. Experts recommend that patients with diabetes eat this fruit with caution, and the daily consumption should be no more than 200 grams.

Therefore, pregnant women can eat some dragon fruit appropriately, but pay attention to the right amount, preferably not more than one per day.

Pregnant women should pay attention to the following when eating pitaya: 1. Pay attention to the selection: When choosing pitaya, pregnant women should pay attention to the pitaya is an olive-shaped fruit. They should choose a fresh pitaya with a bright red skin and fragrant aroma.
2, pay attention to preservation: Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit, it is best to buy and eat now, do not buy more at one time, otherwise it will affect the taste after a long time, it is also harmful to the body after eating.

If it is to be stored, it should be stored in a cool and ventilated place, not in the refrigerator, so as to avoid frostbite but deterioration.

3, no more than one per day: the dragon fruit must be eaten in moderation, do not be greedy, the doctor recommends one amount a day is enough, after all, dragon fruit is a cool fruit.

4, it is best not to eat on an empty stomach: whether dragon fruit can be eaten on an empty stomach depends on the digestive ability and season of the pregnant woman, but no matter whether the pregnant woman’s digestive ability is strong or weak, experts suggest that pregnant women should eat dragon fruit after meals.

The weather is cold in winter, and even people with good digestion are not suitable to eat dragon fruit on an empty stomach.

Dragon fruit is sweet and cold. If the pregnant woman’s constitution is cold, it is not suitable to eat too much dragon fruit. It is recommended to put dragon fruit juice after the meal.