[White burning urinary shrimp]_ making method _ Daquan

[White burning urinary shrimp]_ making method _ Daquan

There are many types of shrimp that can be eaten in the world, and the appearance and taste of each kind of shrimp are different, one of which is called wuri shrimp.

It is called wrasse shrimp because it emits a liquid when people catch it.

The texture of wurst shrimp is also slightly different from ordinary shrimps. Among them, the burnt wurst shrimp is a substitute that many people like to eat. Today we will explain the practice of wurst wurst.

1 onion powder section several ginger shreds / ginger slices are folded in an appropriate amount to edit the practice of this paragraph.

Buy it back and wash it.


In a wok, add half a bowl of water, bring to a boil, add ginger, and cook with some onion segments.


Add boiled shrimp to the boil, add the salt when it is ripe, and add pepper.


It will be available soon.

Really simple and delicious.

The taste of wurst shrimp is always tempting, but many friends who do not eat seafood often do not know how to buy wurst shrimp.

In order to taste the delicious taste of wrasse shrimp, in addition to knowing how to cook, the most important thing is to know how to buy quality shrimp.

Here are some tips for buying wurri shrimp!

1. In general, wrasse shrimp with tightly connected head and body is relatively fresh.

From the point of view of volume, many people inertia will choose large shrimps. In fact, many small wrasse shrimps are more plump, especially small female shrimps. Although small, the meat is more vigorous.

2. Squeeze the shrimp body. The high-quality fresh wrasse shrimp is very firm and has a turquoise green color that sparkles in the sun.

3, the method of distinguishing whether the cream is plump is relatively simple, just point its back end to the light. If you can clearly see a black mark running through the head and tail, it is top quality.

4. The female shrimp is more delicious than the male shrimp. Generally speaking, the female head is not as large as the male, and the female’s neck will have a white “king” character.claw.

5, overall, you can also look at the shrimp head, if the shrimp head is weak, then it is not fresh shrimp.

You can also see from the top of the shrimp’s claws, the shrimp with red claws is not fresh, and green is the best shrimp.