[How many minutes will it take to fry chicken wings]_Chicken wings_Frying time_How to fry

[How many minutes will it take to fry chicken wings]_Chicken wings_Frying time_How to fry

Fried chicken wings is a very delicious way to eat, but the fried chicken wings are particularly attractive. Our main point is to wrap the chicken wings with a layer of fried chicken powder when fried chicken wings.The crispy and tender ones can also remove the fishy smell in the muscles, and try to use some marinades before frying, and the taste will be more delicious. So, how much fried chicken wings need to be fried?

Ingredients: Chicken wings seasoning: soy sauce, garlic, wine, pepper, salt, lemon juice, chicken essence, cooking method 1. Wash chicken wings and add soy sauce, garlic, wine, pepper, salt, chicken essence, cooking wine 1-2About two hours; 2. Spread lemon juice evenly on the overlapping chicken wings; 3. Apply a layer of paste on the frying pan, put the chicken wings one by one in the frying pan for 10 minutes.

The main seasoning of fried chicken wings is the pickling step, so the pickling is good or not enough, and it will have a great effect on the taste. The marinade of pickled chicken wings will usually use strong taste ingredients, although there are many items butThe serving size is usually small, so that the original taste of the chicken is not lost in the marinade. With a small amount of marinade, it is relatively easy to marinate and taste.

The trick to master in the process of pickling is to mix the marinade first, so that the taste of each ingredient in the marinade is uniform, then add the chicken wings, and then try to spread the marinade on the surface of the chicken wings evenly.It doesn’t matter if you rub with a little bit of force, you can even repeat the step of applying evenly during the marinating to get a more even flavor.

Batter batter is a very common wrapper for fried chicken wings. The taste of the fried chicken wings has a lot to do with the unevenness of the batter. The batter must be adjusted evenly and carefully to make the crust crisp.Flour particles or large bubbles will easily crack the outer skin, not only the outer skin itself becomes unpalatable, but also because the chicken wings cannot be tightly wrapped to protect them, and the chicken wings lose their deliciousness during the frying process.

When adjusting the batter, you can use the bottom of the container on the top of the spoon to stir the circle, so that the agglomerated part can be dispersed. If there are large bubbles, you can tap the bottom of the container to let the bubbles out.

In addition to the batter, the outer layer of fried chicken wings also needs to be dip, that is, to dip flour, bread flour or other powders, you must master two tricks, and then uniform and dense, the powder is unevenly alternated.Thick and thin, the taste is naturally not good, and the powder is too loose and it is easy to peel off during frying. After frying, not only the skin will be replaced, but the whole pan will become cloudy.

When dipping the powder, check whether there is any stain on the crevices. If it is too thick, you can pat it gently to let the excess powder fall naturally. When the powder is evenly spread, press the powder gently with your hands.
When it is fried, it needs more attention when it is fried in the lower pot. First of all, you must master the oil temperature is about 180 ° C. If the temperature is too high, the outer skin will be too dark and not even cooked. If it is too low, the quality of the fried meat will beToo old and greasy.

Put them slowly and slowly one by one so that they do not stick to each other. It can also prevent the oil temperature from falling too much at once. When frying, it should be turned in a timely manner. The surface color and maturityWill be even.

If you like a crispy texture, you can fry it twice, remove it when it is half-cooked, let the chicken wings cool down slightly, and then put it back in the oil pan and fry until cooked through