[How many nuts do I eat in a day?

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[How many nuts do I eat in a day?
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People will produce all kinds of nuts in life, the most common ones include walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc. In general, these nuts are very rich in nutrition, which contains nut oil, often eat some nuts and even canObtaining a feeling of fullness can also promote gastrointestinal digestion, and in particular can supplement rich mineral elements. So how many nuts should a person eat a day?

How many nuts do I eat in a day?
The suitable daily consumption of nuts is about two and a half, which is one tablespoon (after shelling), or a small handful.

The health effect can only be exerted if you eat it with a long stream of water. If you eat half a catty at a time and stop for many days, it will be difficult to exert health effects.

In fact, all foods are the same.

It is good to develop good habits and eat the right amount.

Is it better to eat whole kernels and chopped nuts, or is it better to squeeze nuts into oil?

Complete nuts contain protein, essential fatty acids, small amounts of starch, starch fiber, multivitamins and minerals, while nut oil contains only essential fatty acids and vitamin E. Other nutrients are blocked from fats, so the benefits of nuts will also beGreat discount.

Therefore, it is certain that the nutritional value of nuts is better than that of nut oil.

Chopped nuts and whole grains have their own pros and cons, which vary from person to person.

Studies have confirmed that, compared with the proportion of shattered food, when eating large almonds, the feeling of satiety will be stronger, and the effect of controlling blood sugar rise after a meal is better.

This is because the large almond particles are dense, the fiber content is high, and it is difficult to chew and grind thoroughly, so the digestion speed is slow, and the blood sugar and blood lipid rise rate will naturally be slower.

Breaking and eating may make digestion faster.

It is more convenient if it is ground into sauce.

For those with indigestion, or those with anemia and zinc deficiency who are particularly concerned about the absorption of minerals, it is better to eat nuts or grind them into sauce; but for those with higher blood sugar and blood lipidEating whole nuts for blood sugar control, improves satiety, and prevents possible complications of elevated blood lipids.

It is relatively easy to make nuts for cold dishes, and sprinkle them directly in the mixed dishes. For cooking, remember to add them later. Do not throw the nuts into hot oil first.

This is because the fatty acids contained in nuts have a large proportion of unsaturated fatty acids with two double bonds, while walnuts also contain four double bonds of arachidonic acid, and walnuts and pine nuts contain three double bonds of alpha-linenAcids, which are poor in heat resistance, lose their health after frying, and even bring oxidative polymerization products and trans fatty acids.

Vitamin E and many B vitamins are also difficult to withstand frying.

Therefore, it is recommended that the nuts be added only when the sieve is fast-cooking.

If you must eat fried nuts, you must also strictly control the heat to the extent that no obvious discoloration occurs.