China @ 四 川 | Qingshan Green Water Belt smile – the development miracle on the Dangdogan Dangerous Dangdress

  Xinhua News Agency, April 20th: Qingshan Green Water Belt Smiley – Tonguan Red Dangerous Development Miracle Xinhua News Agency, Wu Guang, Wu Xiaoying, Chen Land, Kang Jinqian, Lu Wei Yuyu Yuji, Sichuan The earth is voted. Under the golden mountain, the morning war wakes up the floral bones in the 10,000 mu of roses; Qinba Mountain, the lying pepper tree has spanned the new bud; the scent of the Chi Shuihe, the sweet orange flowers filled the river valley; Dadu River, bright and bright cherry The branches … "Jinsha Water shot cloud hamper, Dadu Bridge horizon.

"In front of this piece of meritorious place was the red army soldiers. In the past 80 years, the generation of people will continue to struggle, will" more difficult, more and more ", in this piece of land, former The reddish development miracle was born on the earth.

  Difficult to change the red river, the morning fog is gradually dissipated, and a neat house is hidden in the sweet orange forest, just as ink painting.

  Li Zhengfen, the villagers in Taiping Town, Guzhang County, in the early morning weeding fertilization.

With sweet orange, her home is like a poor household in the country, the more sweeping the days.

"I used to back coal in the ferry, black, like panda." This ferry is the Taiping Exit of Guzhang County, and it is located between the Sichuan Valley. More than 80 years ago, the Central Red Army took the bridge along the ferry, the armor, completed the great strategic transfer of the second ferry and the fourth Africa, and broke through the rules of the Kuomintang army. Open the long history, around Sichuan, there is a Red Army: the three major main force of the Red Army in Chuanjun, crossing the rapids, conquering snow mountains, crossing the grass, leaving red in the mountains of dozens of counties (district) Footprint. On the occasion of the Central Red Army, the Red Army soldiers in the Sichuan Sichuan are also beginning to grow. In the heart of Sichuan, Tongjiang County, the heart of Bazhong City, Sichuan Province, located in the depths of Qinba Mountain in the Ditch.

In the county’s hair bath, the "Red Year" "Red Army Hanging" store name and Red Army, which are visible everywhere, and the Red Army stone engrave, and the Red Army and the local people will fight together.

  Baiyu, the mountains in the mountains, and the mountains in the hills.

The town planted more than 1,300 mu of Chinese herbs, and became a big industry in farmers. Sichuan Luding Bridge Head, from time to time, there is a hometown of the headscarf called the red cherry.

Luding this red small town, because of the high quality cherries, becomes a famous "Hong Cherry Town". In the past, the bullets rains are like the world, and the mountain wind blows the iron cable on the Luding Bridge, which makes people feel the dangerous danger of the Red Army Bridge. The Central Red Army "Flying Lian Dingqiao", after crossing the Dadu River, all the way to the Jinshan march, began to embarrassed the difficult history of conquering the snow mountain grass. Banbou Village, Brazil Town, Kawue County, the Sichuan Plateau, a sculpture called "Victory Dawn" standing in the place where hundreds of Red Army sacrificed, and people passing through the context, long time silence.

  After the village is a vast prairie, the Red Army left the "Golden Fish Hook" and "Seven Match" and other touching stories.

  Today’s grass, has become a tourist card, grass, flying bird, yak … becomes "Ruo Ruo Ruo Cove".

During the "13th Five-Year Plan", the total number of tourists in Jojku County was over 10 million, and the economic income was nearly 8 billion yuan.

  Qinba Mountain, Umon Mountain, Dadu River, Plateau, Platema Grass … It is located on the red land of Sichuan, a large corridor of green development is formed, and a solid ecological barrier has been erected upstream in the Yangtze River. The unchanging vow is difficult to change, and it is the unchanging vow.

  Davi Town, Sichuan Xiaoyu County, two major red army victory.

The story of the story of the "Rose Long March" in Dapi Town. Rose, is the "beautiful cause" of Chen Wanghui, who took the village, the village, leading the folks.

Once, local crops were mainly potatoes, cousin, and people got up to be black, but they were always rich. A few years ago, the villagers’ potatoes were "sweeping" in the wild boar, leaving a strong wild rose, letting Chen Wanghui have been unforgettable.

When you know that the rose essential oil is more expensive than the gold, she is excited to sleep all night.

  Since then, she is sitting on the bus, squeezing three rounds, ticking the tractor, from Gansu to Shandong, "Taking Baste" around, and the weak woman has finished "Rose Long March". 50 acres, 500 mu, 10,000 mu … Driven a rose in more than 30 villages in Xiaolu County. More than 3,000 villagers, the households increased around 10,000 yuan.

"I saw everyone’s waist bag, I was happy from my heart." Chen Wanghui said that the Red Army hit the world for the people, now I can’t forget the initial heart. On the bank of the Chi Shuihe, Wang Chongdong, the total agronomic agricultural rural bureau of the Guzhang County, in order to promote sweet orange, rushing on the mountain road. Once, he fell in the mountains and bleeding. After a few days, he still worried about the sweet orange forest and rushed back to the red water.

Wang Chongdong said that the tradition of the fellow is strong, and it is necessary to be a corn next to the sweet orange seedlings. Later, Wang Chongdong made the demonstration households, and the old towns slowly accepted scientific implant technology. "The mountain clear show, the fruit of the fruit is fragrant, the fellow is rich, and it is not worthy of this red land." Wang Chongdong said now, now the Chi Shui River in Guzhang County, more than 200,000 mu sweet oranges make the old township "sweet and sweetened". In the Alis Memorial Hall of the Yinyi Sea, the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, a piece of board wrote "Red Army to help return to the emancipation".

In the past 8 years, tens of thousands of party members from all over the country have been fighting in the depths of Dakashan, practicing the solemn commitment of "one that cannot be less" on the poverty alleviation. Since the death of the campaign, 150 poverty alleviation cadres have sacrificed.

They are only 23 years old, the oldest 68 years old. Convey the poor, drain the roots, unfortunately … The new time party cadres don’t forget the ancestors vows, and the red is difficult to get around the Sichuan, have become green mountains, Jinshan Yinshan.

  The eternal spirit is the sea, the 58-year-old Sha horse is stunned. He is a grandson who witnesses the "Pi Mo" Shamar of the Yihai.

In that year, the Red Army successfully passed the Yi District under the escort of the Yi nationality, and successfully slammed the Dadu River.

  However, many of the Yi people who have helped the Red Army have been revengeged by the anti-warlords.

In 1945, Shamar had an unexpected death. "He is waiting for the Red Army to come back." Samal’s daughter-in-law, 84-year-old Su Tieki said.

  In 1986, the Sea established the management office. The 23-year-old Shama is the first staff member, and persuaded the deforestation and the fellows of the deforestation, the hometown of tall materials is busy "sitting." In the 1980s, there have been many old towns in the Haihai Village, but the people of the Shamist family have left. "The Yi people said the place where the ancestors lived, and the descendants could not be broken ‘, guarding it, is a part.

"Shama is a must to be here.

  Years of year, Shama is guarded the sea.

In May 2005, the Haihai Commemorative Memorial Hall is completed, and he looked at the storytelling, and every time he told grandfather’s story. Red land is a red spirit and rooted in the hearts of the masses.