Beijing Metro first "Hebei created" train in Baoding City

It is reported that the Western Section of Metro Line 11 is located in Shijingshan District, the North to Northern Rocking Station, south to Xinshou Steel Station.

The length of the line is 4.The Western Section of Metro Line 11 uses a type A aluminum alloy subway train, and the group mode is 3 moving 1 to 4 groups, and the maximum operating speed is 100 km / h, and some people can realize the full automatic operation.

Subway Line 11 is used to use the national treasure giant panda image. It uses blue white tune inside and outside. It symbolizes white ice and snow and blue sky.Show "ice and snow" elements.At the same time, many innovations in the train lead to the advanced level of intelligent metro, which can achieve automatic driving without drivers operation in full scene.