Borrowing "Two Learning One" Normalization Institutionalization Casting Iron Army Team

Recently, the Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the "Opinions on the Promotion of" Studying "and the Institutionalization of School Education." The party committees of all sectors in all regions have clearly do a good job of implementation, and ask the majority of party members to persist for a long time. To form a normal state.

Calcium to build a soul, firm ideals and beliefs, and strictly cast the "iron army" team.

Industry is in diligence, it is watched; it is integrated, it is destroyed.

The party constitution is the total charter of the party to the party, party regulations is the specific follow-up of party members and behaviors. General Speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping is the latest achievement of socialism with socialism with Chinese characteristics. The party organization and all party members must always adhere to the party organizations. guide. The goal is before, the core is clear, and the comrades of party members should insist on reading the original, learn the principle of the original, and so much, how to exchange more, often correct than usual. It is necessary to talk to the party rules, comparison of the party constituency, comparing the advanced typical, compared to the actual situation, timely check the short board, immediately rectify, effectively enhance the "four awareness", clean ideas and dust, strike standards for "party sexual examination", cast one The iron army team of loyalty Qigda standard.

From the strict governance of the party, crack the work style, and strictly cast the "Iron Army" team. The law can serve people, and the body can bring people, selfless.

Party discipline law is the basic criterion of party members and cadres, always keep in mind, fully implement the "Code" "Regulations", and strictly implement the "eight provisions", and resolutely prevent the behavior of the interests of the masses. Doing qualified party members is definitely not a wind, not three minutes of heat, must be strictly asked to practice, grasp the early grabbing daily, and constantly refine the quantification of party members. From the strict treatment of the party, there is absolutely no rest, it must always tighten the wind to build this string, and grasp the future, and party members should often do common thinking, I am in the three provinces, a province, "There is a" today " The province "is justice", the three provinces "How to act in the future" Quick action, focus on achieving results, and strictly cast "Iron Army" team.

It is like a wind, it is like a fire, invading like a fire, does not move like a mountain, it is difficult to know if the yin, moving like a thunder. "Two learning and one" is the key to learning, the foundation is doing, the implementation is being changed: the ideological understanding should be deepened, the problem is highlighted, the effectiveness is obvious, the local characteristics should be embodied.

Deployment, classify, and implement the implementation, comprehensive supervision, etc., ensuring that it is incorporated into daily, and it is often in the moment. Whether the basic system is functioning, whether the basic system is implemented, the learning content is serious and implemented, whether the scope is covered, whether the party building strength is strengthened, and the key task is strongly promoted, and the party building leads, education leads, benchmark Leading, paying attention to learning teaching, promoting "two learning and one" education results landing roots, resolutely prevent formalism, prevent "two skin".

Deep plow "Party Building +" model in the industrial promotion, project attack, ecological protection, environmental remediation, social governance, etc. The truncation, the first front, "is found to be loyal to the iron army who dares to do.

The tide is standing to Tao head, and the hand is not wet. Adhere to the "two studies" often, do not engage in specialization, no level, strict implementation of education full coverage, adhere to the combination of learning, knowing the party, more political belief, more rules, more rules, morality Good behavior, more dedication, that is, the investigation is changed, to promote, cast a team of iron military teams. (Lu Fangfang) (Editor: Gao Wei, Qinhua).