China @ 四川 | Sichuan Dujiangyan discovered wild giant panda night activity traces

  Precious picture! Look at the nighttime activities of two hundred pounds of wild gratiance. (Xinhua News Agency, Xue Chen) Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, June 13 (Reporter Li Li), reporter learned from Chengdu, Dujiangyan City, on the 13th, on the 8th, Dujiangyan City state-owned forest management staff carried out summer in the state-owned forest area of ??Longchi Town In the case of forest resource protection and monitoring, the infrared monitoring equipment collected the trail of wild big panda late night.

  In the infrared image, a wild giant panda that may exceed two hundred pounds walks large in the infrared area. Introduction to the forest farm staff, in the inspection and monitoring of the forest lines to fall in the pond, view the rare wildlife activities collected by the infrared monitoring equipment, including giant pandas, Asian black bear, temple, leopard cat, red belly More than 10 kinds of wildlife foraging and walking scenes. In March this year, the State-owned forest area of ??Longchi Town passed the image of the wild giant panda in the late night time by viewing the infrared monitoring equipment, and the giant panda photographed with March is more Feathers, it is estimated that it is not the same big panda. It is understood that the protection and monitoring of summer forest resources is to discover all the illegal activities of various damage resources, and create a peaceful habitat for wildlife survival and prosperity.

Next, Dujiangyan City will also adopt community publicity, Shanka Road Oral Card, squatting inquiry, inspections, contact with the village group "Mountain" and other means to control the state-owned forest resources, strengthen Sichuan giant panda habitat protection. (over).