Panda Community Town Story | Entering "Millennium Niyang Township" Chengdu Shuangliu District Huangjia Street

  They are small and beautiful exquisite spaces, which is the poetic link between the city and the township. They present a variety of forms of small towns, and they will continue to be new.

There are many stories in small towns, there are our common spiritual homes in the story, and there are also the future we are struggling.

  Huangjia Street is located in Shuangliu District, Chengdu, has a long history and convenient transportation.

People come to people, there is a living poetion that has been circulating thousands of years. It has a booming modern airway industry, and there is also a good value for airport.

  "Airport Flower Field" inner flowers form a beautiful landscape with the plane.

(Shuangliu District for map) Huangjia Street carries the aviation economic function zone in 66 key industrial ribilities in Chengdu, Tianfu International Biological City, and approximately 40 square kilometers in the jurisdiction.

In recent years, Huangliang Street has adhered to the integration development of high quality promotion industrial function districts into carriers to build a modern airworm industry system, promoting industrial fundamentals, and an outgoing new road to lead regional high quality development in Airport.

  Huang A is "good mouth" and must go.

In winter, I came to Huang A, I will walk along the streets, you will see that all the way is a big and small lamb.

A large pot is used to match a few tables and chairs, you can fall in place here, eat freely. The Huangjia Street has a reputation of "Millennium Nianyang Township" has formed a certain scale of the Niole industry.

Huanglan sheep has been famous, the biggest feature is that the meat is fresh and innocent, and the growth process is subjected to less pollution, environmental health, and 2015 were rated as a national geographic logo protection product.

In recent years, the Yellow Mema Leather Industry and Tourism Tourism Sightseeing have developed into a new highlight of the model and modern agriculture of the Chengdu agricultural industry, and is also one of the main industries incurred by the local farmers. In addition to specialty gourmet, Huangjia street is also a net red attraction, well-known airport flower fields in Huang A, 3027 mu.

The aircraft has a low-aliding, and the air flows that allows the blooming flowers to sway with the wind, and the flower zone forms a beautiful landscape. Under the sunny blue sky, in the red sunset, a shot is a "master" photography work.

Thus, it becomes a popular place for tourists "card". Total Planning: Hu Xiaowei, Hou Dawei .