The nineteenth "Happy Hebei Happy Buy" consumption promotion activities are started

People’s Daily News December 9 (Yang Wenjuan) December 9th, with "Welcome ‘Double Festival’ · Yue Dongshu" as the theme, the nineteenth "Happy Hebei Happy Buy" consumption promotion ceremony is held. It is understood that this "Happy Hebei Happy Buy" consumption promotion time is on February 9 to 9, 2022, 2021, and the activities rely on "Double 12", New Year’s Day, Spring Festival and Hebei Province, many tourism resources will be held. Hui purchase "", home "", online shopping "冀", Hui eat "冀" series of consumption activities, the majority of consumers will enjoy the real offer.

Low-cost discounts, boutique online shopping consumption is affordable in shopping, Hebei will organize large shopping malls, supermarkets, complex and special commercial blocks, etc. Commodity show, food festival, etc., for sale, deliver a low-cost discount, coupon gift, new experience, points lottery, etc., stimulate consumers to shop enthusiasm, and guide business enterprises to carry out food, apparel, home appliances, Home-selling supplies, the main commodity, specialty agricultural product series trade, enrich rural commodity supply.

At the same time, Hebei will give full play to the active role of home (mainly including home improvement, furniture, home appliances) to promote domestic consumption, meet people’s lives, and improve the quality of mass life, and "lit home life, green consumption Huimin "" Is the subject, carry out "home consumption season" consumption activities.

Activity arrangements will be based on consumption promotion, and take into account public welfare preaching and scene experience classes. In addition, using "Double Twelve" and two consumption season, Hebei will organize the e-commerce enterprises to carry out the "online shopping festival" "area (characteristic) online shopping festival" "brand boutique online shopping festival" and other promotion activities, guide online shopping, live broadcast With the goods, online services, short video applications, etc. The market share of net sales companies. Discount package, ticket reducing allows Li Huimin in terms of catering, Hebei will organize catering enterprises to carry out the "New Year’s Eve, Happy New Year" activities, launch the "New Year’s Eve" "Reunion", "" Friends ", etc. Creating a warm red fire festival; organize the "Late Night Canteen" to carry out food exhibitions, through the launch of specialties, discount packages and other activities, focus on consumers to show various traditional cuisine, local special catering style; guide catering enterprises, Takeaway physical stores work online with online ordering, mobile payment platform to promote food and beverage consumption. In terms of housing, Hebei will give full play to the role of promoting car sales incentives, concentrated on the new round of online shopping festival, car to the countryside, car night market, etc. Gas station and social gas station, implement the discount "one stop", carry out "point-to-point" marketing, play a non-oil promotion of convenience stores; organize the "three farmers, enter the country" to promote consumption activities, guide the finished products Oil retail enterprises carry out tariff sales in national highways and provincial highways.

In terms of swimming, Hebei will organize the "Gyeonggi Francisco Enjoy Hebei" theme cultural tourism special activities, launch tourism Huimin measures such as ticket reducing and exclusion and festive festivals, and drive catering, accommodation and commodity consumption with tourism consumption; Actively launch autumn culture Huimin measures and literary performance activities, through activities and Huimin preferential measures to do heat in the autumn culture and tourism market in Hebei Province, promote the consumption of Wenbao.

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