Promote the development of space microelectronics in school history

Since the study of party history, the Party Committee of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. The Party Committee of the Seventh 2th Institute of China, the party committee, conscientiously study and implement the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics, adhere to high standard planning, high requirements, and learn education and education Summary experience, observation reality, promote work, focus on the development of space microelectronics, transform learning results into work, and do learning history, school history, learning history, school history.

Pay attention to the reinforcement of organizational leadership, and plan to promote learning education as a major political task, the first time established the party history education leading group, refining work arrangements, formulated "learning, better than talking, standing , Tree-shaped, integrated, integrated, practiced, "Party History Education Implementation Plan" and special learning plan, ensuring that the regulations are not moving, and the self-selected action is characteristic. The Party Committee of the Seventy-seven seconds of the Seventy-seven seconds has played a field, strictly implemented the first topic, the first time system, the party committee theory learning center team took the lead in teaching, and launched a collective study.

Hosting the topic of party history learning education, through systematic guidance, key construction, classic viewing, special research, on-site teaching, etc., from the history of the 100-year party history, learn the strength. Carry out the topical party classes such as "Mingshi", "Ming Lan, Guidelines for Revolution", and profoundly, the Communists are not afraid of sacrifice, and the heroes of tenacious and hard work are independent, and the innovation courage to open up. In the process of study, the party committee center has implemented the political station and achieves the work requirements of hunting and innovation, and continuously promote the work requirements of harmonious construction, and implement the country’s comprehensive promotion of domestic and self-controlled strategy deployment, driving units.

Pay attention to grasp the main line, create a strong learning atmosphere to build a network, micro, cloud, and screen, and use the WeChat terminal, portal website, party history panto, learning position, newsletter briefing and so on. , Comprehensively create a party history to learn education atmosphere.

In the interior and external network portal opens up the "Party History Learning Education" column, the WeChat public account periodically promotes the learning content.

Beijing, Xi’an two office district layout party history learning education publicity exhibition board, publicity exhibition wall, publicity exhibition, through Ai Zhi Lian, realizing the interconnection of different parties.

Create a party construction and operational integrated activity position, branch demonstration party building activity position, and make a briefing of party history learning education, through the promotion of the main melody, passing positive energy, spreading the sound, and comprehensively promoting the party history and learning education.

Taking the party’s centenary of the party, it is the purpose of the letter of credibility, according to the principle of receiving, in situ, in combination with business work, the "Inheriting Gold Spirit String Struggling Journey", "promoting the spirit of Xiba Bahru’s spirit The "Taggeddown Dongjiang Reform Reform Reforms 40 Years Dare Dare Trial Didnate" and so on.

Organize employees to Shaanxi, Xibaibo, Guangdong, Shenzhen, China, China’s Communist Party of China, has been struggling to struggle with a settlement, and it has been quenched into steel, and it has made another victory in the revolution, construction and reform. Struggling, inspiring everyone to grasp the trend of the times and national needs, dare to be a first, courage to break through, contribute to the aerospace micro-electronic innovation and development. Pay attention to the main business of the focus, closely integrated into the space characteristics of the party construction and operation development, to create a two-core characteristic party building brand, build the work pattern of party construction and management and management, and the same work pattern.

Actively carry out the construction of "one characteristic brand" construction project to help the party branch to build a total of entry points, strengthen product chain, industrial chain, business chain construction.

The Party Branch learns "four history" in the form of "three sessions", highlights diligence, deep and understands, and realizes the classroom of two party organizations and all party members and cadres and party history. The Secretary of the Party Committee is the theme of "Carrying Forward the Construction of the Party Spirit Jinghua Inheritance Red Spiritual Blood Space Microelectronics National Strategic Science and Technology Force", combined with the development of spacemic and micro-electronic development, the current situation of the current industry will teach the topic.

In order to promote the spirit of the new era, the spirit of the new era, the spirit is focused, organized each party member to participate in the first phase of reading, and personally experienced party sexual exercise, promoting a joint building, kinking a red classic, do a Huimin practical thing. Take the "learning party history, recall the party, guard the mind, and the mission" as the main line, carry out the "School of History inherit the Red Gene, Remembering the Heart of the Revolutionary Secret" "Party History Education Strength Party" The moon, witness the flying dream "" Spaceflight, the central enterprise will always go with the party "and other theme party activities, organize" a total of blessings of Guanghui Road, the cohesive core force "," political birthday activities, stimulate the dedication of the agency And unforgettable strength. The promotion of the branch is built in the glorious tradition, focusing on key model tasks, in the nuclear high base collection, the core product opening, etc. Experes and the party members, forming party members, setting party members, pioneing, using the example Incentive employees based on important posts, pragmatic, pioneering and innovating, and serve as a powerful power of learning education into a strong power of attacking, and promoting the key technological development and production of integrated circuits, struggling to write a new chapter of high quality development. Focusing on the use of effort, earnestly, and has always adhered to the development of the happiness and satisfaction of the majority of employees as an important criterion for the effectiveness of the promotion of learning results. In the process of "I do practical things for the masses", through the party industry group, through the party group, "do practical things for the workers and the masses of the workers," to solve the problem, understand the demand for people’s livelihood, and carefully combat the staff "I have a hurry" problem, I have developed a list of key projects, measures, and multi-tube, and use your heart. Implement the "concentric" project, built a multi-function badminton house, upgrade the gym, and organize the 10 km long running activities of the Party "," Passion Core Transfer Beyond Dream "staff sports meeting," People’s Cup "table tennis competition, Through sports fitness activities, employees are incentive, tempering awareness, enhance team cohesiveness, and carry out work learning with full spirit.

Implement the "Yuexin" project, expand the staff book house, build a learning culture, enrich your amateur cultural life; build the "Yue Yixiangyuan" Garden, "Aerospace Core" Theme Square, improve the living conditions of employee dormitory, to create a garden enterprise park, create a positive A good working atmosphere.

Implement "Intimate" project, improve the "mother house", carry out the "Happy Core" lecture, organize the summer hosting class, hold the "Children’s Skull" workers’ children’s painting and calligraphy competition, condolences difficult workers, and care for employees Health, solve the worries; help poverty alleviation, sign the intent for the intent of the Characteristic agricultural product in Zaoyuan Village, Taibai County, Shaanxi Province, and fulfill the social responsibility of the central enterprises. Through three happiness projects, the practice activities of "I have to do practical things for the masses" are going deep, and they will continue to improve their sense of employees, happiness and sense of security.

(Contributed: China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. Seventh Party Committee).