Taizhou released 15 basic public service standards

On October 29th, the Taizhou Market Supervision Bureau, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and the Human Social Security Bureau and other five departments jointly held a press conference to release the first 15 basic public service series of local standards, in order to standardize basic public services, etc. Huihua, convenient.

It is reported that 15 basic public service series local standards are: "Code of Homeholding Service Norm" Safeguard Management Service Specification "" Rural Low Income Group Housing Security Monitoring Regulations "" Retired Military Service Center (Station) Construction Management Regulations " Standardizing "The Basic Service Regulations of Public Transportation Service" "Basic Service Norms of Family Doctors" "Public Sports Venus Facilities Opening Service Guide" "Rural Fire Construction Management Specification". At the press conference, the relevant departments introduced the overall situation of the basic public service standardization of Taizhou, and interpreted the basic public service standards in their respective fields. It is reported that since Taizhou has been approved in the basic public service standardization comprehensive pilot, we have a basic public service of young education, learning to teach, labor income, and medical treatment, etc., extensive research and analysis of basic public services The status quo, combined with high quality development requirements and people’s production and life needs, combing standard system frameworks and standard details, and transforming Taizhou advanced experience into the first batch of 15 basic public services.

Home pension home service is an important form of implementation of basic pension services. It is related to the sense of gaining and happiness of the 127,000 people in the city.

Open the "Menu" of "Home Pension On-Gate Service Specification", the reporter saw a table suitable for different tastes, met the "hard meal" of different needs, which has both large and full subsidy services "Top Ten Projects" There is also a small and delicate Pleasant Service "Four Package", fully considering the multi-level and diverse trends of older group old-age services, and uses public service products that provide both practical and personalized public service products. Try with an attempt. "The home of home pension" is clear that Taizhou home pension door-to-door service object not only has a traditional sense of difficult groups, but also includes all the 80s and older people into the range of services, and the border of home pension home service object has been fully expanded. It reflects that the government’s support and moderate and moderate development orientation of the government in pension services.

Gu Weizhong, director of Taizhou Market Supervision Bureau, summed up the standard summary of Taizhou’s successful experience and practical results, difficult students, family doctors, home pension, rural police, retired military entrepreneurs, etc., highlights Innovative Ideas, Innovative Measures and Innovation Methods of Basic Public Service in Taizhou.

In addition, standards have made a unified norm in the work requirements, working methods, work behaviors and processes of basic public services. For the matter of the masses, it has clearly understood the list of materials to be submitted, submitted and processed; for the service provided by the service institution, standardize the construction, facilities and equipment, personnel training, service quality, etc., further promoted the basics Standardization Management of Public Service. Gu Wei-sen said, next Taizhou will further do the standard publicity promotion, help everyone understand standards, use standards; carry out standardized pilot project construction, promote basic public service standards to cover townships, streets and villages (community), forming basic public Service pilot model; development standard evaluation improvement, regularly do standard review and evaluation; promote more fields to formulate implementation standards, use standardized thinking and methods to improve basic public service levels, form Taizhou experience and Taizhou model, let people live more happiness happy.

(Zhang Weibing Zhou Li Mao Xiaohua) Related recommendations.