Wang Youcai shook his head,Sober yourself up,I’m sure this person is his second brother Wang Youdao Shi,Then he said with a smile:“What call to you?You are the one doing great things,Can’t bother。Hurry back!Here i am”

“What do you mean?Just talk to 2nd brother?”Wang Youdao glared at Wang Youcai,Glanced at the closed iron gate of the hospital,Suddenly backed the car back,Stopped directly on the side of the road。
As soon as the door opens,Youdao is not the only one getting off the car,It turns out that his wife Niu Huiling is here too。Apart from holding a large flower in her hand, Niu Huiling,There is a nice fruit basket in the other hand。
Wang Youcai couldn’t help but snorted,Because these things are not practical to rural people,Just save face。But then again,The daughter-in-law is already doing well like this。That’s like Song Fang,Come empty-handed,I still have to talk cold words。
No matter how much he has opinions on the second brother Wang Youdao,This is her sister-in-law is an outsider after all,And came here from Shaocheng。Wang Youcai is not stupid,When he thought of this,So he hurried up in two steps,I took all these things from Niu Huiling。
“Rich!Brother said that Dad is very sick?”Niu Huiling follows Wang Youcai,Asked quietly。
Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“Anyway,Family members can’t go in either”Wang Youcai deliberately said that his father’s illness was very serious。
Wang Youdao,Let go and run towards the hospital,Regardless of the wife Niu Huiling behind。Niu Huiling took two steps,Asked again in a low voice:“The problem won’t be serious!”
“Hard to say,The doctor won’t explain this thoroughly,Because being treated”Wang Youcai finished,Also slowed down。What he cares most about now is his old mother Chen Yueqin,She doesn’t know what the frozen condition is now。
In the passage in front of Wang Degui’s ward,Chen Yueqin curled up and sat on the bench,She covered her leg with a quilt,At first glance, it is covered by the patient in the ward。Maybe the nurse found that the old man’s was too cold,Be kind。
Wang Youdao stood in front of my old lady,Keep your head down。Just listen to Chen Yueqin’s low voice:“Your dad values you most,So I’ve worked hard to provide you,But that’s how you treated him”
Wang Youcai and Niu Huiling walked over,Chen Yueqin stopped talking。Niu Huiling walked two steps with interest,Came to Chen Yueqin and said:“mom!Is it frozen?!”
“Okay,The nurse gave me a quilt。You are all busy,No need to run here。Just have me and wealth”Chen Yueqin said coldly。