Song Fang has a big chest and thin waist,Not tall and well proportioned,The type of woman that men like。If it wasn’t for her divorce twice,Xia Jian was wary of her,This woman might become his Xia Jian’s woman。

Xia Jian knew,Song Fang has a deep love for him,But the love in her heart,It’s not the kind of love that stays together,But passion,or*such as。In general,She doesn’t expect Xia Jian to marry her。At this point,Xia Jian knew。But he can’t do this。
I want to,When Song Fang and Xia Jian were working together,Song Fang is already interesting to him,But Xia Jian pretended not to understand,Until later,Song Fang was angry,And Chen Erniu had some scandal。
She marrying Chen Erniu is a kind of revenge against Xia Jian,But Song Fang miscalculated,Xia Jian doesn’t care who she marries。So this marriage between her and Chen Erniu was short-lived。
after that,Wang Youfa wanted to frame Xia Jian,I didn’t expect Song Fang to actually do a fake show,Let her and Xia Jian have that night,after that,They still have something to do。But Xia Jian always feels so awkward to sleep in the same bed with Song Fang,But Song Fang doesn’t think so。
In her heart,Can bed with Xia Jian,It can be regarded as a kind of conquest of Xia Jian by her。Looking at the whole Xiping Village,Even the entire town of Pingyang,The man who can show her Song Fang,Xia Jian is the only one。
The wine is finished,Song Fang is a little drunk,In her eyes looking at Xia Jian,Filled with that desire look。
First1491chapter Danger
The thing that worries Xia Jian the most has finally happened。
Song Fang shook her body,Pink face with a little rosy,She scolded inexplicably:“Xia Jian!Your mother is a scumbag。I, Song Fang, have a soft spot for you,But you?Shrinking,Are you afraid that I will eat you?I am not afraid as a woman,What are you afraid of?“
“All right!I’m not a man, alright!You drank too much“Xia Jian stood up,Took a cup of tea。
Song Fang raised his arm,The tea cup in Xia Jian’s hand flew out,Fell to the ground and fell to pieces。Xia Jian is no longer worried,He really wants to slap Song Fang twice。But he didn’t do that,A normal person,How can I compare it with someone who is drunk??It’s a big deal to pay someone a cup“
“Xia Jian!Someone gave you a son,Then let me give you a daughter!is it good!”Song Fang roared loudly。
Xia Jian has a look,It must be a bad thing,He has to think of a way to shut up Song Fang。How to do?Xia Jian and Song Fang couldn’t be hard at all,So he smiled and said:“it is good!I promise you,Let’s have a daughter,But I can’t let others know about this”
Song Fangyi listened,Smile with joy。But she suddenly became quiet,The whole person leaned on the back of the chair,Head drooping,The two balls on his chest are shaking up and down,Looks extremely indecent。