“Just let me try your strength!”

Xia Chenglong sneered,The Xuantian Sword in his hand has already been prepared,The blade suddenly turned,Stopped in front of myself,Simultaneously,The fire-like palm of the old brother has also been taken!
The voice like Hong Zhong Dalu burst out from this guy and Xia Chenglong,The tyrannical aura directly shook the entire elder’s courtyard to pieces,The melodious business is endless,A vast courtyard instantly turned into ruins!
“This guy,Strong!”
Xia Chenglong’s body receded,In the dust,Vaguely able to see that guy’s figure is rushing towards him quickly,Opponent’s strength,Seems to be comparable to the green pheasant,It’s just that Xia Chenglong, who has the Xuantian Sword in his hands, is not afraid of it.,I even want to divide this guy up and down!
But not yet,There are many hidden masters in the tool city,It looks like this guy is just one of them,and,This place is not far from the residences of other elders,Those guys will come over soon,Pestering this guy,Not a good idea。
“Chiba Xianglong!”
Xia Chenglong sneered,The Xuantian sword in his hand is flying wildly,Countless ghosts of dragons flew out from the Xuantian Sword,Charged directly with a powerful unmatched aura,For a time,The elder brother also had to defensively,Just at this time,Xia Chenglong’s body has run away too!
“Wait, then,Dragon King,Even if you are one of the six thrones of the military,I will definitely kill you by myself!”
The guy yelled at the sky,But it only takes Xia Chenglong’s sneer。
“You old boy,See you next time,It’s time for me to send you to see your brother!”
The old brother slapped angrily,Directly shook the entire area,at this time,Several elders hidden in the dark appeared one after another,Look here together,only,The complexion is not very good。
Although these guys don’t like the old guy very much,But the opponent directly rushed in and agreed,Get rid of a powerful questioning god realm powerhouse on your side,And can go out calmly,I’m just slapping them in the face!So many people,Plus it’s still in the formation,Suddenly being single-handedly killed by the opponent!
Some guys who didn’t have a very good relationship with the old man just said a word and left.,Since the person is dead,For them,There is no use value after being old。
Xia Chenglong did not leave at this time,But half way back,Hide quietly in the dark,I simply checked the appearance and strength of these guys,Except for the few elders who attacked the sword city at the beginning,There are also some powerful people who ask the gods in the city,Among them, there are five guys who ask the upper level of the gods!
“Where did these guys come from?!”