Bank hosted anti-"run road" Henan comprehensive supervision school training institution pre-recovery fee

  On November 12th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Education that in order to prevent the "refueling" "reflex" "reflex" "roll-money running road", the reporter, the issuance of six departments of the Provincial Department of Education, and requires all localities to strengthen the school Training institutions pre-recovered supervision work, pre-recovered funds for pre-recovered funds for school training institutions, and ensure the safety of training service transactions. For all, some school training institutions "refund fees" "roll-money running road" have seriously violated students (parents) rights.

In order to strengthen supervision, the Ministry of Education and other six departments have been notified in recent days, guiding the supervision of the training services fees pre-charged for primary and secondary school students (including kindergartens children) proof schools (including online and offline), clear off-campus The training fee period and teaching arrangements should be coordinated, and it shall not be charged or recharged in one time.

At the same time, all parts can be combined with the actual, the bank hosted, risk margin, and the pre-recovery fee of the school training institution is taken.

  The notice requirements issued by the six sectors of our province, immediately immediately fund the local school training institution (the number, category type, existing state, the number of unparalleled institutions, the number of government guidance), the number of students, the number of students, unable to eliminate the course The amount of money, the number of fund regulators, the amount of funds, the number of existing teachers, the number of layoffs) and the pre-recovery, risk margin, training fee special account supervision and whether there is "refund difficult" "volume money Problem and other issues to conduct a comprehensive investigation, and rectify the existing problems.

  By investigating, based on comprehensive, accurate mastering basic training institutions, establishing a financial supervision system and regulatory platform covering the pre-recovery fee, banking hosting or risk margin, risk warning and disposal, etc., realizing school training The full coverage of the agency pre-receiving fee fund supervision work, stabilizes the "refund is difficult" and "roll money running".

At the same time, it is important to include the pre-charges of the school training institutions into fund supervision, including the daily supervision, special supervision and annual inspection of the proofreading, and annual inspection of the annual inspection of the annual inspection of proofreading. (Editor: Since the quiet, Yang Xiana) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.