Old people eat less fried peanuts

Old people eat less fried peanuts

Peanut, also known as “longevity fruit”, has the effect of moistening the lungs, and stomach, hemostasis, and prolactin.

But for the elderly, you should eat less fried peanuts.

Although fried peanuts, fragrant, delicious, high-energy foods, and cooked by boiling oil, it is also more sanitary, but its shortcoming is low nutritional value after high temperature, the heat supply is only unheated 1/ 3, especially after high temperature, the oil is not easily digested and absorbed by the spleen and stomach. If it is eaten with other foods, it can also prevent the absorption of other foods.

Because the spleen and stomach of the elderly are originally weak, eating fried peanuts is more likely to affect the motor function of the spleen and stomach. Therefore, the elderly should eat less fried peanuts, otherwise it will seriously affect the function of the spleen and stomach.

  The ancients used peanuts to grow more soup and cook, and avoid eating fried and fried.

“The Compendium of the Compendium” records that some women have more coughs and the doctors are in danger.

Some people advised women to eat peanuts, 6-9 grams of raw food a day, gradually scared, less than half a year to eat peanuts 10 kg, cough and asthma are removed.

In ancient times, the ancient medical family boy Lulu had a cough in his family. He only used peanuts to remove the shell film, and took the net meat and researched the blunt clothes.

He thinks that the peanuts are fried, and the food can be eaten, not to mention the fried peanuts.