But this chaotic world surprised him a bit。

initial,He found a true god who wandered in chaos。
As cruel as him,I want to kill him directly,But the other party escaped。
After that, he chased this true god all the way,But didn’t see it。
Although at first he saved some water deliberately,Playful mind,Didn’t use all my strength。But in the end the strength of the opponent,And the means of escape also surprised him slightly。
In his eyes,The strength of that true god is comparable to some ordinary ancestor gods。
If only one,He won’t be too surprised。
But this chaotic world came out of an ancestor god and three true gods came out of the chaotic world to intercept him。
One flame true god strikes with all strength,Can actually compete with him barely one or two。
And then there was a real god of space,Not to mention reaching the ancestral god level in attack and killing,Twistable Void、Means of lurking in the void,Easily suppressed one of his ancestors。
The remaining one—Presumably not easy。
“Three true gods with strength comparable to the ancestral gods,It seems that this chaotic world is not simple,There may be remnants of ancestors, gods, ancestors, and even the world!”Although facing at least three enemies comparable to the ancestral gods,But Luo Hui is not afraid,On the contrary!
Chapter Eighteen Luo Huzhiwei
In chaos,Six arms,Luo Hu, who is like a demon, holds six magic weapons,With Nuwa,Sui Renshi、The Sanqing Taoists are facing each other。
Nuwa’s original idea of turning into a snake’s tail,A little bit of aura levitation。