Fahai looked at Xu Xian in white,From what he said before,Can be sure that he is not the kind of person who doesn’t know right and wrong,even,Compared to some so-called Taoist priests,Literati,We must be able to see the truth better,And Xu Xian’s philosophy in white suits Fahai’s philosophy。

“Some of Dr. Xu’s opinions are somewhat similar to those of the little monk,Since Dr. Xu is persuading me,The little monk is very unkind when he refuses。”
Let Fahai feel that perhaps Xu Xian in white can approve his approach,as well as,Acknowledge his philosophy,therefore,Fahai raised the fairy wine in front of him,After pouring a glass for myself,Raise wine glass,Take a sip,He has never drunk before,This time it is considered to have broken the precepts。
“Grandmaster,how is it,The taste of this wine is not as spicy as that of ordinary wine,Fairy wine,Naturally it has a special flavor。”
Xu Xian in white said with a smile,After pouring myself a glass of fairy wine,Close your eyes and taste it gently。
“I wonder if Dr. Xu can deny his love with a ladyboy?”
Fahai feels this fairy wine that he has never drunk before,It really has a special flavor,And it can nourish his body,Although better than nothing,but,Looking at Xu Xian in white with his eyes closed and tasting wine,Fahai asked with a smile。
“Shemale love?Could it be that the master was emotional?just,The master really wants me to tell the truth?I’m afraid the master might say me nonsense。”
Xu Xian in white said with a smile,His mission this time is to eliminate instability,therefore,He has relatively plenty of time,He just waited for the enemy to run out by himself。
“Dr. Xu said it’s okay,The little monk listens respectfully。”
Fahai said with a smile,Maybe it’s because the two people have similar ideas,Or maybe it’s Xu Xian’s strength in white clothes that seems to be different from him,Fahai felt that Xu Xian in white suits his personality,One life,Friends hard to find,therefore,Fahai also wanted to hear the opinion of Xu Xian in white。
“My opinion is,Whimsical,unimaginable,A person will fall in love with a monster,Different race,The aesthetics should also be different,But in this situation, one person and one demon can fall in love,It can be said that there is nothing to say。”
“of course,This is just for ordinary people,Some monster races can be transformed into human forms after they have cultivated to a high level,So,From the outside,It’s like an ordinary person,but,It’s still incredible,that person,What he likes is the human appearance of that monster race?Or the monster body??In either case,Let this person meet the monster body directly,I believe,What love that lasts forever,It’s still a lifetime promise,Will disappear。”
Xu Xian in white said with a smile,This is also his opinion,Just like an ordinary person,Want to marry,Don’t look for those women,But to the fox,Interested like white snake,To this,Xu Xian said,He has nothing to say。