These spirit-eating bees and bee jade flute cherish each other,Now that a large number of people have been beaten down,It was a direct hit for him。

But he knows his mission,Suffocating the blood qi inside the body and continue to command the Spirit Devourer to leave。
Old Lu was relieved to see everyone evacuated,The battle just now was not easy,The power in the opponent is extremely domineering。
“You think you left?”
This group of people rioted him in Lingxiao City,If you don’t let him pay a little, doesn’t it mean that people in the world will laugh?
“The power of Patriarch Tu is indeed domineering,but……I’m not eating dry rice,It may not be easy for the old man to defeat you,But you can’t stop you!”
Old Lu finished,The body disappeared directly from the place in a trance,Only Patriarch Tu watched silently,Because he is clear,I can’t really intercept it。
Lingxiao City is now in chaos,Civilians don’t care,The most important thing is the soldiers,They have nothing to fight under those insects。
“Patriarch,Do you want us to chase。”Elder Tujia came forward,Ask quickly!
Patriarch Tu has been watching the distance for a long time,It took a while to speak:“No need,Let everyone clean up,Then let all the holy places above rank five gather。”
All collections above grade 5?
The elder really doesn’t understand the other party’s meaning。
I knew it would gather a team that was all Rank 5 or above into the Holy Realm,How strong will its combat effectiveness be。
That is no longer the existence of one value for a hundred or one value for a thousand,That is one hundred thousand,Millions of existence。
Faintly,Elder Tujia feels that something very important has happened。
But the other party’s personality is fairly calm,And didn’t rush to ask,But prepare after responding。
Patriarch Tu continued to look at the places where the Spirit Devouring Bees disappeared,His facial features have not become hideous because of what happened just now,Or it’s calm down at this moment,Then the black figure disappeared from the place。
After Xia Chenglong’s riot before,At this moment, the tomb of the Tujia ancestor seems to have lost the mysterious mystery,It’s just a hollow underground。