Spleen and stomach products: potato stewed beef

Spleen and stomach products: potato stewed beef

The health of the diet has always been the focus of the public. How to eat healthy food is an important guarantee for health. What do we need to pay attention to in the diet?

We must do some necessary work to ensure the healthy nutrition of food, which requires us to explore seriously.

  The ancient beef has the theory of “beef qi, gong and jaundice”, which is the best product for tonifying the spleen and stomach. It is also a pair of spleen and stomach.

  Potato stewed beef ingredients: beef 300-400g, potatoes 200-300g, salt, pepper.

  Practice: 1.

Cut the potatoes into pieces, cut into pieces of beef and add boiling water for 10 minutes to remove and wash; 2.

After the pot is heated, pour the oil into the heat, and stir the potato pieces on the fire until the surface is slightly yellow.

In addition, stir fry the beef in the oil pan. Add the potatoes and water to the beef. After boiling, turn to low heat and simmer for 1-2 hours until the beef is soft. The potatoes are cooked thoroughly and seasoned with salt and pepper.

  First, the beef spleen is comparable to the jaundice “Han’s Medical” in the book chapter, “yellow beef, qi, and the same as Mian Huang.

“Beef has a high nutritional value. In ancient times, it was said that “beef is qi, and it is the same as Huangqi.”

Anyone who is weak and weak, with a stagnation of the body, a sallow complexion, a sore bone, and a qi-deficient self-sweat can all be used to stew the beef.

  ”Compendium of Materia Medica” pointed out that beef can “anzhong Yiqi, nourish the spleen and stomach, tonic and strong, strong bones and muscles, eliminate edema, remove moisture.”

  Chinese medicine believes that beef into the spleen, stomach, has the effect of tonifying the spleen and stomach, benefiting qi and blood, strengthening the bones and muscles, has the effect of supplementing the vital energy, nourishing the spleen and stomach, strengthening the muscles and bones, phlegm and blood stasis, quenching thirst and stopping the mouth, is a supplementThe best of the spleen and stomach.

  Western nutrition believes that beef has high protein content and low trace content, so it tastes delicious and is loved. Its ownership is the reputation of “the pride of the meat”.

  Second, yellow beef, buffalo, do not buy cooking, pay attention to “Japanese Huazi Materia Medica”: “boiled beef, cold; yellow beef, warm.

“Beef has the difference between yellow beef and buffalo. Yellow cattle, yak are warm, qi, and the same as Mianhuang, buffalo is cold, can be a fetus.

This should be selected according to the physique and needs when purchasing.

  When buying beef, look at the color of the meat: the fresh beef muscle is evenly red and shiny. If the meat contains cockroaches, check the trace color. If the color is cream or white, it is fresh and healthy beef.
  See the muscle color is dark red, dull, slightly dark until it is green, you must pay special attention to this is a sign of beef deterioration.

  In addition, because the muscle fiber of beef is long and rough, there are many connective tissues of the intermuscular fascia. After initial heating, the protein has strong shrinkage when solidified, the water holding capacity is relatively reduced, and the water loss is large, so that the meat is old and tough.

  In order to avoid this shortcoming, when cooking, take more diced stew, boil, simmer, simmer, marinate, sauce and other continuous heating methods.

  The potato is sweet and flat, into the stomach, large intestine, beneficial to the spleen, and the effect of Tongli stool.

If you have spleen and stomach weakness, indigestion, and your stomach is not good, you can eat potatoes in moderation.

The two together with the stew, it is definitely a good dish to replenish the spleen and stomach.

  Third, beef is a hairy. Some friends have to avoid the need to mention that beef is very suitable for excessive, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, hardening of the arteries and diabetics, is a nourishing and strong tonic.

The weakest person eats the best, and has the power to warm the spleen and stomach.

  However, beef is also a hair product. For people with skin diseases such as ulcer, eczema and pruritus, they should stop eating. Injecting hepatitis and nephritis should also be taken with caution to avoid exacerbation or recurrence.

  Xiao Bian reminds: In order to be healthy, we must do a good job in the survey of food sources, as well as the production process of food.

Learn about the health of food in your life.

Put a good diet of healthy nutrition.