Autumn tonic does not get the best food

Autumn tonic does not get the best food

Autumn needs to be tonic, and it is almost a Chinese thing to do in the autumn.

Because, since ancient times, we all think that “there is no disease after the summer, three points”, after the summer heat, loss of appetite, and air conditioning environment caused by excessive accumulation of wet and heat in the body, so the body has become overwhelmed.

The autumn supplement is to make up for the falsehood brought to the body during the summer. The reset is to enhance the body’s resistance and prepare to spend the cold winter.

  However, today we have to say that we use the plain food to make up for the fall, so that you will not get angry while you are tonic.

  First, why should the taste of flat foods be divided into “four sexes” and “five flavors”. In the traditional Chinese medicine, we all know that there is no specific boundary between food and drugs.All foods also have a taste.

  The four sexes of food are: cold, hot, warm, and cool.

Five flavors are: Xin, Gan, sour, bitter and salty.

Foods with different tastes have different effects on the human body.

  Autumn is a season that is easy to dry and get angry. Blind tonic, not only can not be used to complement the effect, but will make the body more dry, or more humid.

  Starting from the climatic characteristics of autumn, everything converges, it is appropriate to eat Gan Runping and food, so it is called “flat compensation.”

  If you eat spicy, fried and other hot food, cause the body to get angry and dry tongue.

  Second, the autumn can be tonic for the flat food.

Autumn sex food meat autumn meat meat autumn 膘 is the choice of most people, but the pork is too greasy, mutton and dog meat (not recommended to eat dog meat) is a hot and warm food.

The most flat meat of beef is suitable for everyone tonic.

  The consumption of beef in China is second only to pork. Its protein content is high, its trace is low, and it tastes delicious. It is loved by most people.

  The protein, amino acid and other structures in beef are closer to the human body than pork.

In Chinese medicine, human beef has the functions of supplementing the vital energy, nourishing the spleen and stomach, and eliminating phlegm and blood.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records that beef can “anzhong Yiqi, nourish the spleen and stomach, tonic and strong, strong bones and muscles, eliminate edema, remove moisture.”

  How to eat autumn beef First, eat beef in autumn, such as oxtail soup, nourishing and moistening.

  Basically, beef in the fall is mainly light, with less spicy seasonings.

Can be cold and stewed.


Autumn-style flat food vegetables are essential foods for us every day. The Chinese health organization advocates 1 kg of vegetables per person per day.

Here, we recommend that the autumn tonic should choose the cabbage of the cruciferous family.

  First of all, cabbage is a cruciferous food with anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

Because it contains dimethylamino-3-carbaldehyde compound, it belongs to enzymes and has the effect of inhibiting the growth and spread of vitamins.

  Generally, cabbage is cheap and readily available in the fall, which contains about 95% of water, although it is flat, but cold.

In autumn, it has the effect of clearing away heat and relieving thirst and diuresis.

  In addition, cabbage contains a large amount of supplemental fiber, calcium, iron, potassium and other substances, in order to relieve constipation caused by autumn dryness, it can also supplement the vitamins and trace elements needed by the body.

  How to Eat Cabbage in Autumn There are too many ways to eat cabbage. There is no mixture here, but be careful not to add spicy seasoning. It should be rotten, not salted and heated after repeated heating.


Potatoes, which are used to supplement food in autumn, are also one of the foods that are abundant in autumn. The characteristics of potatoes are rich in supplemental fiber, carotene, starch, minerals and some mucins contained in potatoes.

  Yam is a kind of potato, which is a typical food of sweet taste. It not only has other functions of potato, but also enters the spleen, lung and kidney.

It has nourishing spleen and stomach, kidney yin, and can also moisten the lungs.

It is not a lot of lung and kidney food in autumn.

  In addition, according to modern research, yam also has the effects of delaying aging, lowering blood pressure, and fighting tumors.

  The method of eating yam in autumn is generally light and maintains the original flavor.

  Preferred, typical is yam porridge, which can be porridge with radish, rose, red dates, glutinous rice, etc.  First of all, yam can be used for food.

Clear yam, yam fungus, etc. are all good to eat in the fall.


The staple food of the tonic food in the autumn is the food we must eat every day. It is the material that is essential for our daily energy.

Cereals also have a taste, and previous rice is a staple of our daily diet, which also has a nourishing effect.

  In “Don’t Record”, the previous rice was recorded as “bitter, flat, non-toxic.”

“With yin and yin, in addition to annoying thirst, solid diarrhea and tonifying gas.”

  Compared with other meters, the previous rice is rich in protein, and the essential amino acids are more comprehensive.

The method of health advocated in Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” is to eat more rice porridge.

  Therefore, in the fall, I want to make up for it. It is also a cheap and convenient way to eat more rice porridge.


The fruits and fruits that make up the food in the autumn are essential foods to supplement our body’s vitamins and trace elements, but at the same time advocate 0 per person per day.

5 pounds of fruit.

  Eating fruit in the fall, we think of the most is the lungs, moistening and so on.

Such as pears is one of the fruits that everyone often eats, but the pears are cold and cold, children and the elderly should not eat more, otherwise it is easy to diarrhea.

  Therefore, it is recommended here.

  The effect of the article.

The first thing people think of is to moisten the lungs and relieve cough.

Since ancient times, Chinese medicine has used sputum as a medicine for treating cough.

Modern research has found that carotene has a third place in fruits and is rich in fructose, glucose, minerals and vitamins.

The taste is sweet and it is very suitable for people with weak lungs in autumn.

  The method of eating is very simple, as long as it is eaten as fruit.

  Need to pay attention to the autumn tonic, a little careless autumn dryness and diarrhea will find you.

If you want to avoid these problems, you must first understand your own physique. “The cold is hot, the hot is cold” is the theoretical basis of food and nursed back to the body.

If you can’t understand your physique, the easiest way is to eat sweet and savory food.

Don’t worry about getting angry and cold when you make up.