Behind the "Snow Ruyi" is the stability protection of these positions

Original title: The stability of these positions behind the "Snow" This winterly, the light is used to use 160 ACMEXP-20RBSW beam lamps, 104 A cutting pattern lamps and 8 30W full color laser lights, distributed in the home area, The viewer’s stand and the back area square position is mainly used for the atmosphere lighting effect of special lights before and after the game. On December 5, the two Intercontinental Cup Terminals in Beijing Tilted and the Nordic Intercontinental Cup Test were all ended. During the test competition, the national jumping platform ski center conducted a game of two three projects of men and women. When the competition ends in the evening, "Snow Ruyi" and cross-country venues also dedicated the wonderful light show for athletes.

Behind the snow, it is the full guarantee of the team positions in the test competition.

According to the team responsible for the power supply guarantee when the test competition and the winter Orance, the power security team has reached the "six nine" levels on the supply of green electricity supply in the core area, which is%, ensuring high quality, environmental protection, and reliable supply of Winter. power supply. The National Tilter Ski Center is the world’s largest skiing venue. The main architectural design is inspired by traditional Chinese accessories, the top of the tower, the track cross-sectional line and the bottom look, and the Chinese traditional mascot "Ruyi" S The perfect curve is perfectly integrated, and it is called "snow". During this test, "Snow Ruyi" venues and cross-country ski venues have lit up sports show light show in the evening in the evening, showing the most exciting "Snow Ruyi" stadium for athletes from all over the world. one side. After the game, these athletes from all over the world expressed their appreciation and gratitude to the work of the track and staff.

In the "back" "behind", it is responsible for the efforts of technical and power security.

According to Huo Dawei, the national cross-country ski center, Huo Dawei, the venue power security team is mainly based on the staff of the National Grid Corporation. Since the test event in February this year, four competition venues, five non-competition venue guarantee teams, more than 600 people participated in the security team, and made a comprehensive medical examination of the permanent power facilities of the venue. Since August this year, according to the electricity demand in the winter Orance, the construction of temporary power in the OBS, media operation, the operation, the operation, athlete synthesis is fully launched.

Li Xiaohu, which is responsible for power grid monitoring and emergency organization, and the team has established a power network emergency plan, signed electricity safety notices in the field of electricity, and all electricity equipment have been statistically and monitored. Emergency plans have been developed on all equipment on all equipment, and is divided into four levels according to importance. "For special loads, we set up dual UPS to ensure power supply, subsequently set-level setup UPS, followed by dual power supply and single power supply, and finally do the reliable power supply of ‘six nine’." Li Xiaohu Say.

According to the team introduction, during this test competition and future Winter Olympics, all the electrical energy used in Zhangjiakou Fair is "green electricity".

Huo Dawei introduced that Zhangjiakou area is rich in renewable resources.

"The new energy installed capacity in Zhangjiakou area has exceeded the traditional installed capacity.

Every 10 degrees of electricity here, there are 5 degrees or more are cleaning power. The new energy installed capacity has exceeded the installed capacity of the Three Gorges Hydropower, and it is called the Three Gorges in the dam. Huo Dawei said. During the Winter Olympics, Zhangjiakou area used the wind and electric energy from the wind, but also looked at the Zhangjiakun District, but also made a force for the green Olympics in the Beijing Division. (North Youth Daily Reporter Cui Jun (Editor: Luo Wei, Zhanghua Wei) Sharing let more people see.