A new round of national combat prevention of cultural relics crimes have significantly recovered more than 61,000 pieces of cultural relics

  China’s new round of national combat prevention of cultural relics crime special action results remarkable recovery of more than 10,000 yuan, China The ranks of the country’s special action of preventing cultural relics crimes is remarkable. As of November 30, the national public security organs detected 2704 cultural relics crime cases and recover all kinds of cultural relics. On the same day, the China Ministry of Public Security held a "education and rectification of the results I have a practical thing for the masses", which is notified to deploy the national public security organs with the national cultural relics protection department, and jointly carry out the special action initiatives and effectiveness of cultural relics crimes. Since the 19th National Central Committee, the Ministry of Public Security will carry out special actions against cultural relics crimes in four consecutive deployments.

Since August 31, 2020, the Ministry of Public Security will organize the deployment of the National Cultural Relics Bureau to carry out a special action for the new round of national combat prevention cultural relics.

  Zheng Xiang said at the press conference that this action focus is to combat criminal activities such as stout the ancient cultural ruins of the ancient tomb, stout the cave temple stone carving, theft, theft, theft, the revolutionary cultural relics, and strictly implement the protection of cultural relics, establish and improve Strictly play, strictly guard against, strict management, strictly govern the long-term mechanism, and resolutely manage the national cultural heritage and good guidance.

  He pointed out that the result of this special action was remarkable. As of November 30, the national public security organs were detected by 2704 cultural relics crimes, and 585 cultural relics crime gangs were captured. 10,000 pieces. "Cracked the number of cases, the number of criminal suspects and the number of cultural relics exceeded the sum of the previous three special actions." Zheng Xiang said.

  In the case of the case, he said that under the coordination command of the Ministry of Public Security and the National Cultural Relics, the public security and cultural relics department have closely collaborate, and they will be cracked by 29 under supervision of the Ministry of Public Security. Part.

  At the same time, the public security organs and cultural relics departments of all localities have always put the top priorities for precious cultural relics as special actions, dig the gold owners, broken chains, pay the cultural relics, and effective.

In the cultural relics recovered by special actions, 73 levels of cultural relics, 375 secondary cultural relics, 3,827 third-level cultural relics. Zheng Xiang pointed out that the "4 · 3" special stout, reselling of Jiangsu Wuxi Jiangyin is investigated more than 1,100 pieces of cultural relics such as porcelain, lacquer, gold and silver, etc. . The "5 · 31" series of "5 · 31" series, the "5 · 31" series of stolen ancient tombs, and 1696 cultural relics, including 90,000 or more.

Sichuan Leshan Jiajiang County Public Security Organs cracked "" "" "" "Top Congya cliff statue was stolen for 4 years, 10 pirated Buddhas were all recovered. According to the press conference, in 2020, the number of national cultural relics crime cases has decreased in 2019, and the minimum since the 18th National Congress.

(End) Article Source: China News Cooperative Author: Xie Yan Bing | Responsible Editor: Yingying.