2021 China Electric Surfboard Open Hainan Lingshui

Site on the launching ceremony of China Electric Surfboard Open Event in 2021.

Xinhuanet issued on December 9th, 2021 China Electric Surf Board Open in Du Fuwan in Lingshui Autonomous County, Hainan Province.

  Two days of the electric surfboard open competition attracted 18 teams from Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jilin, Sichuan and Anhui and other countries, and more than 70 participating athletes, participated in men’s power surfboard ring. Fast competition, women’s power surfboard ring race race, men’s motivated surfboard obstacle round, women’s power surfboard obstacles return the knot. Li Ruilin, director of the Water Movement Management Center, the General Administration of Sports, said that the electric surfboard will bring new fashion elements to the Hainan aquatic sports season, attracting more tourists, adolescents participate in the water sports, and promote this Open. The land of Du Fuwan is held, and the construction is created to facilitate international and demonstrated national casual sports centers. Participants are surfing the game. Xinhuanet issued this event, one of the series of Hainan’s hydrophilic sports season. In 2021, the water sports season is the theme of "hydrophilic Hainan, sports paradise", and has an open posture in sports elements, further stimulating tourism consumption potential. Continued to inject new motivation into Hainan Free Trading Port and International Tourism Consumer Center, and will build Hainan into a hydrophilic movement destination for global tourists.

  The event was jointly hosted by the National Sports General Administration, Hainan Tourism and Cultural Radio and Television Sports Department, Hainan Province Lingshui Autonomous County People’s Government, hosted, Lingshui County Tourism and Cultural Radio and Television Sports Bureau, China Shengshi Investment Co., Ltd. jointly organized. (Wang Zhao Wei).