Reproduce the ancient wisdom with modern technology

The Qin Qin, the exhibited Qin Shihuang Mausoleum, I was unearthed. This article is the new Chinese newspaper reporter Li He photo "Someone is chaotic"! "" Let’s take a look! "On the morning of May 18th, the Beijing Capital Museum" Wan Yongbao – China Collection Cultural Relics Action Exhibition " In the middle, two young audiences full of positive energy "see righteousness". I have been discovered in recent: not the audience ‘s chaos, but the staff is demonstrating the operation of the Han Dynasty jacquard.

The staff raised hand to pull the cross-headed crossbar, which was actually the "switch" of the jacquard machine, and the machine began to work.

He holds both sides of the handle, squatting the body, step on the pedal, instantly seeing multiple woods on the body portion of the jacquard machine, and automatically separate the fabric from the weft.

The staff put the weft into the wire with a shuttle, then tightened the weft to the wire with a rectangular wooden board.

Several action loops reciprocated, the fabric pattern on the loom gradually appeared, the action of the cloud flow water seems simple, but the hands and feet work together, the weft lines are inserted.

According to reports, the prototype of this wood jacquard is unearthed from the old Tomb of the old man in Chengdu.

The power of the jacquard machine is that it can be prepared and store a "binary" encoding similar to a modern computer with a tens of thousands of wires. The workers are "selected" at the time of textile, which is equivalent to "programming" and finally woven a pattern of damask.

It is sigh that the programming method of the old officials and the tomb weaver models includes two types of shots and connectors, and the woven patterns are different.

In order to make contemporary people understand the superb crafts of the Han Dynasty, the cultural relics protection workers have done a lot of research and experiments, and finally coplan out can be copied.

Next to the audience: "The old ancestors are too powerful!" Continue to go forward, the reporter quickly noticed that there was a very popular cultural relic – unearthed in the golden crown of the Tang Dynasty tomb, the master of the fifth generation of Li Yuan Li Wei.

The main material of the crown is gold, decorated with turquoise, amber, pearl, ruby, glass, seashell, agate and other materials, and the texture is variable. The crown decoration also has a bright blue feathers of jade birds, and the overall decoration technique is extremely complicated, showing the glory of this tomb owner and respect.

Next to the showcase admire: "The headdress of this Tang Dynasty is really beautiful." In fact, this is not a stunning crown essay is not now.

Li Wei’s tomb has been more than 1200 years, and it has been penetrated and impact many times.

It is difficult to imagine, what patience and perseverance uses the professionals, and extract these gems in the dirt in the tomb, and then clean it, according to the research results "." Nowadays amazing golden oriel, witnessing the persevere and unreasonableness of the Wenkang worker. "Wan Yongbao – China Collection Cultural Relics Protection Action Exhibition", bringing more than 50 pieces of cultural relics and related auxiliary exhibits in 10 provinces and districts, 23 Wenbo units, including the treasures of the country, also have an important archeology in recent years. Discover, there are still many beautiful recovers.

The event also introduced the scientific cognitive method and protection repair technology of the collection of colonies, fully demonstrating the latest achievements of cultural relics protection in China, and showing the Chinese philosophy and Chinese practice of cultural relics protection. It is reported that the exhibition will last until August 17. (Our reporter Li Yun Ben newspaper correspondent Wu Yizhi) (Editor: Musheng Yu, Xu Qian).