Shandong investigates 663 issues involved in black and evil corruption and "protect umbrella"

>> Shandong investigated and conflicted with corruption and "protective umbrella" issues 663 release time: 2021-11-1114: 25 Thursday Source: Rule of Law Daily – Legal Network Rule of Law Daily full media reporter Jiang Dongliang Liang Ping Ni November 10th, reporter At the press conference held in Shandong Province, I learned that since the normalization of Shandong Province, the "protective umbrella" and "relationship network" and "relationship network" of the head of the black and evil forces have been carried out in Shandong Provincial Normalization. Investigate and deal with 663 black-related corruption and "protective umbrella" issues, 954 people, which give Party discipline government punishment of 581 people.

The Deputy Secretary of the Shandong Committee, the deputy secretary of the management of the management of the management, the provincial deputy head of the province, the director of the Leading Group, the director of the Office of the Office, said that Shandong continued to combat black and evil crimes, resolutely strictly investigate "black umbrella" " "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" From January to October this year, the province was investigated six black organizations, 22 evil criminal groups, 10 evil crime gangs, 647 criminal cases, 398 criminal suspects. The deployment of 6 months of sweeping and anti-evil-related property disposal of attacking, this year, I have seized, frozen, and seized the black and evil assets of 100 million yuan.

Centralized rectification actions in the field of information network, natural resources, transportation, engineering construction, rural governance, and financial lending, this year, the six major industries have received 2134 in the fields of black-related malfunctions, of which is suspected of illegal crimes. 49 Article; 310 of the black-related "three books" in the field of development, and 307 pieces of rectification.

Sun Chengliang said that Shandong will adhere to the main direction of clues, strive to overcome a group of "bone case", and then dig a group of "crouch" black evil molecules, and then remove a group of black and evil forces "protect umbrella", continue to black The evil forces launched an offensive and kept a long-term powerful shock. The press conference also released 7 models involving the key industry sector.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaolun.