Shanxi right jade: plug in autumn light is infinite

Clouds fly in the sky, fog in the mountains.

Field weaving rolls, Yushu ponces splendid. After a fall rain, the right jade in the plug is already a good autumn light. Yixian County is located in the junction of the two provinces (districts) in the Jinchang, which is the north gate of Shanxi.

At the beginning of the establishment of New China, the county only had 8,000 mu of remnants. The forest is not enough, the average annual temperature is only ° C, the precipitation is less than 400 mm, the frost-free period is less than 100 days, the ecological environment is very fragile.

Under the leadership of the party, after more than 70 years of perseverance, it has been unremitting forest cechanism, and it is a long time to improve the ecology. Now the county has a forest area of ??1.69 million mu, and the forest is 56%, which has become a famous national plug. oasis.

He has won the national ecological demonstration county, the national sustainable development experimental area, the county country 4A-level tourist scenic spot, the national ecological civilization construction demonstration county, "Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan" practice innovation base and other honorary titles, while gestation formation Valuable Right Yushen. Because the right jade is located at the edge of the Inner Mongolia plateau, the altitude is around 1400 meters, so the autumn of the right jade has been relatively early. After the Mid-Autumn Festival, I entered the most beautiful autumn, from late September to mid-Octa, is the right jade autumn The most beautiful season of ecotourism.

Farmland, grass slope, forest, small river, Great Wall, the castle scenery is different, have a lot of romance, and the plug is displayed. Every year, there are a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to come. (Li Jiming) (Editor: Jiao Zong, Zhang Linhan) Sharing let more people see.