The old brain joked the blood of the forest, the employee urgently sent medicine

  "Thanks to Duan Yongbo, it is his timely and rescue, winning the precious rescue time for my old father …" Early on November 15th, Mr. Zhang, Jilin, rushed to the Redshine Forestry Bureau, with tears to public business The leaders of the management office and Duan Yongbo expressed their feelings, and he sent it to "saving people in a dangerous and exclusive heart" and "rescue the death of the contemporary Lei Feng" two banners. Recalling a scene of rescue the old man, Duan Yongbo still remember. At 21:40 on October 19, Duan Yongbo, ready to close the store, found a old man at the door of the home store. For worry, he quickly came to the old man to see, and found that the old man had completely lost awareness.

I don’t think too much. He and his wife Cui Yingjie jointly took the old man to the hot pot restaurant, and the mobile phone with the elderly made a contact.

Seeing the old man unwaken, the couple two urgently sent the old man to the Honglin Hospital rescue.

  The CT results show that the elderly sudden brainspened bleeding have ended life.

After the hospital injected a bleeding needle for the elderly, Duan Yongbao’s husband and wife accompanied the old man to the Huadian City and his family. Then the old man was sent to Jilin City Hospital for treatment.

When two people returned home, they have been in the morning. After more than 20 days of treatment, the illness of the elderly has stabilized, and the body is gradually recovering.

Recalling that the good people who rescued their own, the old man deliberately booked two-sided banner to send the red stone forestry bureau, expressed their gratitude to the company’s party committee to cultivate good employees such as Yongbao.

(依宝 库) Editor: Jiang Rielin.