Casa,I replied some of the more considerable blood volume.。

but……At this time,Is a scarecrow?。
Olaf is in this point,Also want to continue Vietata output。
But there is no combination of the double group,His output is far less enough。 At this time, the palace clearing is also very calm.,Maintain output,Don’t give Casa to their opportunities。
Caisha printing in his head,There have been four layers at this time.,He doesn’t have much opportunity to act rashly。
Another levelingAShot,Color Feather is accompanied by her flatAFly out。
With the damage of the defensive tower,Scarecrow’s blood,Also finally in this flatALater,It is completely emptied。
Kill the prompt audio,JDGHave to retrace。
But this is easy to talk about。
Because the soldiers under the tower have disappeared,So Casa and Olaf,Definitely only scattered。
But what is going on,Regardless ofIGDouble group wants to chase,JDGOne of them can’t be died.。
Not thinking too much,Olav and Casa finally only choose to distract。
IGThe movement of the two did not stop,Directly chasing the direction of the Jajo fled。
And as for the Olaf, why not chase more easily?
That of courserookieandngAlready supported。
finally,Olaf was killedIGAmong the wild。
Casa,It is in LuoWAfter cooling,Have to hand over your own flash。
But even if so,Her blood is still too low。
A flatness after the flash of the cloudAcatchQLater,Casha’s blood volume was completely emptied。
And in this wave of killing,The two people who have explained the seats have already been confident.。
Wang remembers can’t help but live“hiss”A sound,This is only:“This wave,IGfaceJDGVietnamese,Pretty beautiful!”
“Whether it is the purification of the purge,Then hiding the OlafQ。Still the lifting of the Tower Lower Luo,It’s all critical in this wave of killing.。”
Wang Muotian,Rapida took the words of the words。 “Yes,There is also a subsequent tower to pull the climb。Thoroughly decidedJDGWant to force for his thoughts。”
“This whole wave operation,It can be said that there is a little one of them.,There is no way to get a so beautiful result.。”
And with the essays of the two,Live broadcast,That depressedIGFans,Naturally, I can’t help but start the excited barrage carnival.。
“Wuhu~take off~”
“My mother,JDGThis kind of thing is going once.,I still want to play the second time?”
“Yuegong Tower,You are afraid that it is not killed,Really score。”
“Gongbao you have daily anti-murder?”
“Liu Qingsong, this tower, the real batch,I have been in the future, Liu Qingsong。”
“really,These two people are really good。”
“Norbaonno,But always feel a bit uncomfortableIGNS。”