“Don’t go!”

Unfamiliar monsters have disappeared。
槐 起 起,Not to chase。
Chapter 542 Headache
“Still the car is warm。”槐 序 回 车。
“Is his true??”Zhou。
“Our monster will not lying.!”The group is serious about the circumstances。
“But the group is often……Occasionally I lie to deceive me.。”Zhou Leaves low sound to appear softly。
“The group of people did not lie!The group will not http://www.lfxajt.cn lying!The people of the group are true!”The group has flustered three sentences,I thought I washed away the stitches.。
“This way.。”Zhou。
“The previous monster did not lying。Some reason is that it is not good to lie,There is also a part of the reason for disdaining。Don’t see they are temperament,Even looks a little stupid,But in fact, their heart is more proud than humans.。”槐,“However, it has been in the human world.,Also there is also human taking bad,So occasionally there will be monster……For example, the original you live in the community now, two demon in Xiaozheng,Have a long time in human society,I will not be hungry when I am very hungry.、I don’t want to eat when I want to eat.。”
“That is a kind lie。”
“Not a lie。”
“……”Zhouzhi silence,Furthermore,“But he has a vague。”
“So I have to investigate。”槐,“You go http://www.uc-mall.cn to the town first.,I am going to Summer, I am looking for a monster asking.,If you have finished, come back and come back.。”
“Be polite,Don’t use your special inquiry skills。”
“I really……”
“唔 槐 槐 序 序 序。”The group looks at the eyes of a pair of bright crystals.,Then little laughter,“Kukuku……He doesn’t listen to you.……”
“Ugh……”Zhou Shaken shook his head,“Still the big group of people。”
“That is!The group is the best.!”The group is busy with,I am afraid that I have a late step.。
“Sit down,We have to start。”
More than an hour。
Balikun Town。
Playing mobile phone in the hotel room,But pure just to send time。When he is aiming at time, it is a little bit.,Look at the sky outside,Why didn’t you come back?。
Aloud,The appearance appears in front of him。
“I am back。”
“I am coming back now.?”
“hold head high!”
The storm is licking,Looking at the vicinity,Then the remaining light is a bit next to it.,Aiming to the open electric blanket,She feels some spicy eyes,Shake:“As a teacher, it is a big day to be cold in bed.,You finished,Not saved。”
“The big group is going to open。”Zhouzhan,I don’t want to entangle in this topic.,Continue to ask again,“How to come back now?Is it very difficult??”
“It is not。”槐 continues to smash the mouth,What seems to be chewed?,“I quickly asked very quickly.,Then I saw a roast lamb in a roadside.,I went to eat.,If you don’t have good taste, you will not give you.。But eating the boss sent me two chewing gums。”