Chen Xiu took out one,I weighed it in my hand,Weighs only a few grams。

“This is not light,If you don’t get venom,I’m afraid this flying needle will not penetrate the human body。”
“I feel that he was controlling the direction of the flying needle just by sound,It is estimated that this method also limits his inability to control overly heavy objects,That’s why I chose this lightweight flying needle as a weapon!”
“But it can steer the flying needle,This method is too magical!”
Chen Xiu continued searching on that person,Then I took out another wallet,There are some wallets in various countries,But no clues。
The man groaned on the ground,Wake up slowly,Slowly opened his eyes and saw Chen Xiu smiling and looking at himself。
He wanted to whistle subconsciously,Just cracked lips,No front teeth,No sound at all,Just a spout of blood、saliva。
“Dare to blow,I promise to break your mouthful of teeth!”Chen Xiu said sharply。
“Well……I have nothing……”
The man lost his front teeth,It took a long time for Chen Xiu to understand,He said i didn’t。
Chen Xiu scratched his face with a palm,Half of the face is swollen。
“Special,Is it interesting to deny it with me?!”
Chen Xiu raised his slap aloft and shaved the other side of his face,The man hurriedly clutched the other side and shouted:“stop fighting,I’ll explain everything you want to know!”
“Zhang Tianci。”