“Ok,pretty good!Just this one!Please pack the changed clothes for me,Pay the bill!”

Lu Menglin looked and looked,Very satisfied with my taste,This color match,Shows Zhou Xiaoyu’s girlishness to the fullest,Very trendy,Even if you stand in front of a movie camera,Such Zhou Xiaoyu can definitely make people shine。
Zhou Xiaoyu heard the word pay,Suddenly it looked like a frightened rabbit。
“Do not,Don’t!too expensive!”Zhou Xiaoyu’s cheeks are hot,The voice is getting smaller。
Looking at the girl’s shy and frightened appearance,Lu Menglin couldn’t help but smile,Wave your hand:“Did you forget?Even that old Japanese man wants to fawn on me!I’m actually quite rich!”
“That’s not OK!That’s not my money!”Zhou Xiaoyu was lost for a while,Sober up soon。
Lu Menglin smiled:“Then you can wear this suit for the interview!I think as long as the examiner is not blind,Should admit you!You treat me as an investment,You will be a big star from now on,Give me back the profit!”
“This.”Zhou Xiaoyu was stunned,For her,Admission to Beijing Film Academy is the top priority,Everything can make way for it。
This suit really shows her unique temperament,If you wear this suit for an interview,Maybe it can really add some impression points。
Just think of here,Zhou Xiaoyu hesitated,Because she wants to be admitted to Beijing Film Academy。And the support for her at home is already stretched,If you fail the exam this year,You can say goodbye to your dreams forever。
“that.Ok!Wait until the exam is over,I will return the money to you!”Zhou Xiaoyu said decisively。
“Then it’s such a happy decision!”Lu Menglin walked to the counter,Took out a stack of cash and settled the account。
It’s five hundred and twenty-nine yuan,Zhou Xiaoyu keeps this number in mind,She swears to herself,I must pay back the money in the future。
Lu Menglin looked at the little girl with such a serious expression,Can’t help but be funny,There is also a trace of admiration。
She’s still a girl of this era, and she’s so beautiful!Lu Menglin remembers clearly,Many girls I know later,All treat men as triumphs,When the water fish,They think women spend men’s money just right,No sense of guilt at all。
You are responsible for making money to support the family,I am responsible for being beautiful!There is nothing wrong with this,but,Once any concept is deliberately enlarged,Will produce extreme results。
For example, the later Zhai Xinxin,Put the programmer surnamed Su to death,Cheat money and kill,I feel terrible when I think about it。
From the adidas store,Lu Menglin was not ashamed to hold Zhou Xiaoyu’s little hand again,Two people walking side by side,Walking on the streets of Beijing。
Hua Deng Chu Shang,Crowds on the street。